Looking Back at 2010

posted on: Thursday, December 30, 2010

Here is my final recap post for 2010. These are just a few of the events through the year that have made and impression on me.

As most of you have proabably already read in previous posts, JP and I celebrated New Years Eve in Hawaii. It was a perfect start to 2010.
February was spent cheering on our fellow Canadian olympians at every chance, and sporting Team Canada gear to show our support. JP and I spent a lot of time at our neighbors apartment watching hockey game after hockey game.
March was Alberta Fashion Week. Some friends and I went to see a Fashion show, and the picture that would become my first outfit post on Chictopia was taken. 
My cousin was working for a year in Vancouver, so Ashley of Opheliac and I decided to take a trip and visit her. We took a road trip across the boarder to Seattle for a couple of days and starting to search for my wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses! My cousin had a friend in Seattle who kindly showed us around. Instead of deciding on one place to take us out for the night, he took us to several little pubs and bars, which was so much fun! Along the way we took silly, touristy photos in front of fun statues, and monuments including a troll under a bridge!!
May was the month when I took my first outfit photos with Ashley of Opheliac. I had been complaining to her about how terrible I was with a tripod and self-timer, and how every time I attempted to take photos somewhere cool and scenic everything would go terribly wrong. She offered to help me out. 
June was one of my absolute favourite months at work. My bff at work S and I had so many fun lunch adventures and were totally hooked on Chictopia together. We would make mad dashes to the mall on our lunch breaks, grab bubble teas and just talk about everything! S you are the best!!
JP's annual brithday camping trip, PITW was in July. The weather was perfect the first day, but turned rainy and cold the second day. The rain was pouring down so hard that a mud slide started and ran right through our fire, completely burying it. The boys scrambled to rig up a tarp to protect us and the fire, while the girls chanted "Motivation Motivation!!!"As well, my search for the perfect wedding dress continued into July, but I still hadn't decided on what style of dress I wanted, so the search continued...
The summer was pretty stressful for JP and I this year. We found mold growing in the walls between our kitchen and bathroom, and kitchen and hallway. We had less that a week to pack up everything and find somewhere else to live. We ended up living with my parents for the month of August. Moving in with my parents for a month didn't end up to be so bad. I got to borrow my moms jewellery and perfume, and JP got to video game with my brothers.
This year my birthday was perfect. Me, my mom and little sister went to see Mama Mia! It was a fantastic way to spend my birthday. Because I spent my actual birthday with my mom and sister, JP planned a special night out for the two of us on the weekend. JP and I also hit the seven year mark in our relationship in September.
Near the end of October I had surgery and spent the majority of November recovering. Thank goodness for blogs. I spent most of my time off from work discovering and reading new blogs, sleeping, reading, and getting hooked on girly TV shows (Pretty Little Liars! So addicting). 
I had the chance to meet up with some amazing Calgary bloggers in December. We decided to meet for tea and coffee and talked about absolutely everything! We talked about blogging, living in Calgary, where to shop, school, work, and everything in between. It was so fun getting to know these girls, and I'm looking forward to our next blogger meet up.
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  1. I adore reading all of these best of the year posts (especially the ones that aren't super fashion related!). Cheers to a good year and hopefully 2011 is better. :)

    - Patricia

  2. Great round-up. As a new follower it's fun to see what I missed and get to know you a bit better.

  3. Happy New Year! Here's to another fabulous year...Have fun tonight! :)

  4. Hope you can visit my city again.

    Have a wonderful Happy New Year Ashley :)


  5. Thank you for your sweet comments Ashley :)

  6. aww you're recap is really cute..!
    you have nice outfits... <3


  7. i don't know how you find the motivation to put together something like this. i can barely remember what i did a week ago! lol :D happy new year to you!! looks like 2010 was good. hopefully 2011 will be GREAT.

    ps: thanks for stopping by my site!

  8. nice pictures, really good inpiration :)) :*

  9. Loved reading your recap girl and I love the photos you included. Hope you had a great NYE!


  10. Happy New Year Ashley! Love the photos and I'm super pumped for our next meet :)


  11. I'm jealous of your New Years in Hawaii! I've never been but I've ALWAYS wanted to (like every other person in the world). I hope this one was just as lovely!:)

  12. awesome year in pictures/stories! i've enjoyed looking through the months with you. omg, i loved when the Olympics hit our city, never have i felt such intense energy. it was a wondrous experience and yes girl we watched tons of hockey too...hahaha. happiness to you as this new year begins. ♥

  13. Thanks for the shout outs Ash, what a totally sweet little recap. Very special. Love that I made it into some shots! :D

  14. Wowza, girl! 2010 has been a crazy ride! Wishing you lots more awesomeness in 2011, take care!


  15. Oh my God, I am so jealous of you spending new years in Hawaii. I can't figure out a more perfect way to celebrate it! I wish I could go there one day too but it's so far from Finland (and because of that, it's so expensive to travel there).

    <3: http://walkingintheairr.blogspot.com

  16. Wow - what a year Ashley! So many ups and downs, and yet you found time for us throughout. Here's to a fab 2011 - look forward to what you have in store for us!