Fashion Beauty Panel | Reinventing Ombre

posted on: Friday, August 29, 2014


Hey guys! So my second post for the Fashion Magazine Beauty Panel is up, and this time around the challenge was to reinvent the ombre trend. I decided to show two different ways of doing ombre nails.

Details | Round Sunglasses & Statement Necklace

posted on: Thursday, August 28, 2014


Just a quick post of some of the details from one of my most worn outfits from the summer. This necklace is probably my favourite necklace right now. I'm also loving these sunglasses. I was unsure about the style at first, but the more I wear them the more I love them. Also, this maxi dress has been on repeat for the last couple months. 

Outfit Details
Necklace by Karolina's Style

Photo by JP


Lately Vol. 15

posted on: Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Here is what I've been up to lately:

1. Outdoor yoga. I only made it to one class of the Lululemon outdoor yoga series, but hopefully I will find some more outdoor yoga classes before it gets too cold.
2. This summer tea from Neal's Yard is heavenly. JP and I usually have tea in the evening, and we have been rotating between the Neal's Yard Summer Garden, a plain peppermint tea, and Bengal Spice (a herbal no caffeine chai). 
3. I couldn't resist picking up the polka dot Kate Spade agenda to keep myself organized for my upcoming semester of school and for my internship. Also I have been loving this Revlon lipstick in Primrose. I discovered it through an Instagram post by Kristin from Glamour and the Girl.
4. Just some of my daily makeup. 
5. My mom, grandma and tried out this coffee place called Cowboy and Co. Not the best coffee in the world, but a fun western atmosphere. 
6. I have an espresso machine, but hardly use it anymore. I decided to pull it out and make Americanos  to go with our weekend breakfasts. 
7. Just a selfie, wearing my Revlon lipstick in Primrose. Completely obsessed with this lipstick. I've wore it almost everyday this month
8. And finally, JP and I have been growing basil, so I've been trying to find ways to incorporate basil into more recipes. I found a recipe for Mojitos with mint and basil and it is absolutely amazing!

August has been pretty quite, which is just how I wanted it to be. I've just been taking in summer before the craziness of fall is here. 

If you want to keep up to date with my day-to-day life in photos, follow along on Instagram! If you have an Instagram account, let me know in the comments below.

xo Ashley

Neal's Yard Remedies

posted on: Saturday, August 23, 2014


I recently wrote about a store opening event that I attended at Neal's Yard Remedies, and I was lucky enough to get the chance to try out some of their products. Here is a short overview of each product.

Wild Rose Beauty Balm (10 year anniversary packaging)
I was really excited when I found out I got to test out the Rose Beauty Balm. The 10 Year anniversary packaging is beautiful, and I love the scent. This was my first time trying a cleansing balm, and I am liking it so far. Some of the ingredients included are rosehip, jojoba, shea butter, geranium, rosemary, frankincense, and patchouli. 

Create Your Own Custom Massage Oil (essential oils: grapefruit, lavender, rose, cedarwood)
Creating my own massage oil and body wash was such a fun experience. For the massage oil there is a base oil that you use, and from their you choose some essential oils to include. There was an array of top notes, middle notes, and base notes to choose from. I picked grapefruit as my top note, lavender and rose as middle notes, and cedar wood as my base. I wanted the lavender to be the most noticeable scent, so I added a few extra drops of the lavender oil. I really love the scent that this combination produced.

Create Your Own Hair and Body Wash (essential oils: grapefruit, lavender, rose, cedarwood)
Creating my own body wash was a similar process. There was a unsented body wash to start with, and then I picked and added some essential oils. I used the same combination for the body wash and massage oil. As before I added a few extra drops of the lavender oil so that this would be the predominant scent. 

Summer Garden Tea (Lavender, spearmint, rose, elderberry)
I love tea almost as much as I love coffee, and I especially love herbal teas. I love making a cup of tea in the evening, and the Summer Garden Tea is the perfect evening tea. I think this tea would also be great iced. 

Have you tried Neal's Yard Remedies? Have you tried a cleansing balm? 

xo Ashley

Almay Concealer & Brightener

posted on: Friday, August 22, 2014

LLL_0517 LLL_0523

I received the Almay Smart Shade Concealer & Brightener to test out a while ago, but it took me a while to figure out the best way to use it and whether I liked it or not. Some of the reviews that I read  compared it to the Bobbi Brown Corrector and Creamy Concealer. I own and love the Bobbi Brown Corrector and Concealer, so I was really excited about the idea of a drugstore dupe for them. 

When I first swatched the Almay concealer I was a little unsure about the texture of the product. It is definitely a different texture and consistency then I expected it to be, and it's not creamy like the Bobbi Brown concealer/corrector that I've seen it be compared to. I initially found it pretty difficult to work with, but a couple weeks ago I tried applying it with my Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush (which I usually use to blend out concealer) and discovered that I really like it when applied by patting the concealer on with this brush.  The consistency of the product is pretty thin and goes on quite sheer, but I like the colours and way it applies with the Real Techniques brush. For me it does not work well alone to conceal under eye circles, but it does work well on redness. I like to use the yellow/peach toned side on any red areas like around my nose or on any spots that I have, and I apply it before my foundation. I pat the pink toned side on my under eye area to brighten it up and cover up any blue-ish dark circles. Again, I use the brightener under my foundation. I've even tried the pinkish side down the bridge of my nose as a highlight. The Almay Concealer and Brightener also works a lot better once you soften up the product by using it a few times. 

When you read the description of the concealer/brightener on the Almay website it is described as a "correcting duo". They suggest to use the brightener to highlight your features, and the corrector "to minimize redness" and "correct discolouration". I think the product lives up to this description. Just don't expect medium or full coverage.  In the end I do like it, but it's not my first choice for an under eye concealer since I'm always running on lack of sleep. The coverage of the Almay concealer/brightener is pretty sheer, but is good for those days when I don't need a lot of makeup. 

Have you tried the Almay Concealer/Brightener? What did you think? What is your favourite concealer? 

xo Ashley