Mama Mia!

posted on: Thursday, September 30, 2010

Here is the birthday outfit.
(dress - Vero Moda, belt - Rewind Consignment, blazer - Talula, tights - Joe Fresh Style
shoes - Winners, necklaces - American Eagle, hair accessory - Aldo)

Photos by Opheliac

Western Cupcake

posted on: Monday, September 27, 2010

These photos are from last weekend. My cousin was in town visiting some friends so Ashley of Opheliac and I met up with her for a mid afternoon snack at a pub up-town. I wanted to wear my new suede wedges so badly, but it rained all week. I decided to give them a extra good dose of protective spray and braved the weather. They held up quite nicely. JP had been doing some renovations at this school a couple weeks ago, so it was fun to take some shots there.

I am so far behind on blogging right now! My birthday week really set me back. I have some photos of my Mama Mia outfit, and a couple photos of my outfit from my birthday date night with JP.  
coat - Orb, cardigan - American Eagle, tanktop - Wilfred,
faux leather leggings - Wilfred, bag - Spring, shoes - Aldo, bracelets - H&M + J. Crew

Photos by Opheliac
My birthday was pretty awesome. The last couple of years I made sure that I took work off, but this year I ended up working. I arrived at work to balloons and an adorable card from some of my co-workers. Later in the morning I went into a meeting and the girls had Crave cupcakes and and spinach dip. Yum! The rest of the workday was a breeze. I was in another extra long meeting where we were provided with amazing fruit and salads to snack on, and then in the afternoon some girls that I work with and I had a mini party at my desk. After work was Mama Mia, which was amazing. In the words of my little sister "It was well worth being tired the next day!"
Crave Cupcakes!!

Seven Years

posted on: Sunday, September 26, 2010

Monday was mine and JP's seven year anniversary.  I can't believe time has flown by so fast. It seems like we met only yesterday. Here are some photos of us over the past couple of years.

Happy Birthday!

posted on: Thursday, September 23, 2010

Today is my birthday!!

This is just a quick shot of what I wore to work today :)  I'm going to see Mama Mia with my mom and sister tonight, so this post will be short. This has been such a fun, crazy week.
ShakeIt app for iphone

Elevator Music

posted on: Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I was meaning to get to this post earlier in the week, but I've been so busy. I'm part of a disaster relief team, and there was an electrical fire in an apartment building on Sunday so I've been helping out with that for the last couple of days. We help everyone affected find hotels, clothing, food and pretty much anything else they need. So far this is my second disaster. Both were apartment building fires. 

This was another fun shoot with Opheliac. There were a lot of great photos so I'm turning this into another two part post. I've had this skirt for a little while and decided that I better wear it fast before it's too cold. There are rumours floating around that it might snow this weekend or next week. Noooooooo. I really hope it doesn't. The grass is still green and the leaves are still mostly green! 

(skirt - forever 21, purse - Spring, t-shirt - Joe Fresh Style, 
jacket - Joe Fresh Style, tights - gift, shoes - Aldo)

Photos by Opheliac

Head over Feet

posted on: Friday, September 10, 2010

I had the day off of work today, so I spent the morning with my mom. We grabbed a coffee and went for an extra long walk in Fish Creek park. Afterwards we stopped by Superstore where I picked up this cute faux leather jacket! I love Joe Fresh!!

So, I was trying to put together an outfit for a birthday BBQ later on tonight, but it turned into a rock looking outfit. Oh well.  I decided to finally go through my jewellery today. It was such a mess from moving. Everything was tangled together. It took me forever to separate all my necklaces. Finally I can start accessorizing my outfits again! 
(jeggings - H&M, silk blouse - Joe Fresh Style, 
faux leather jacket -Joe Fresh Style, necklace - Forever 21)

Memories of Spring

posted on: Thursday, September 9, 2010

These are just a couple photos from a fun little shoot with my friend Chelsey waaaay back in March. Chelsey is actually the person who inspired me to start a blog. She mentioned that she wanted to start one and wanted to take a couple photos of me and some of her other friends. At that point I was reading fashion/style blogs daily, but the thought of starting my own hadn't occurred to me. These photos were a test to see if I was brave enough to actually take photos of what I wear. 

I had forgotten about these photos until recently when I started to become obsessed with the idea of a leather skirt. I've been thinking of one on and off since the spring, but I've been really craving one the last couple of weeks. Then today I saw a post by Miranda of Pieces from Audrey that reminded me of these photos and Chelsey's black leather skirt! Gosh do I ever love it!!
On Me
(cardigan - Wilfred, faux leather leggings - Wilfred, beltRewind Consignment, 
shirt - American Apparel, earrings - Chelsey's: from a shop in Montreal)

On Chelsey
(tank - American Apparel, skirt - vintage, shoes - Le Chateau, jewellery - vintage)

A Little Inspiration

posted on: Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I have this app on my iphone called chicfeed that I am totally addicted to. It updates me with the some of the latest looks on Here are some of the looks that I recently saved to my iphone inspiration photo album. As you can see, I'm really liking black and white, and anything comfy for fall weather. Boots, cardigans, leggings, roomy sweaters, wedges and blazers.

all photos from via iphone app chicfeed


posted on: Monday, September 6, 2010

I've been wanting a wicked pair of wedges for the fall, and my favourite shoes/boots are suede so when I saw bloggers Lena of Quality Rivets and Ashleigh of Rantings of a Fashion Addict wearing these wedges  from Aldo I had to track them down. Calgary always gets things in stores later than eastern and western Canada, so when I first went out looking Aldo didn't have them yet. Finally I was able to find a pair at Chinook Centre. LOVE these shoes!!! They are fairly comfortable for heals too. 
(jeans & jacket - American Eagle, sweater - RW, purse - Spring, shoes - Aldo)

Photos by Opheliac

Stand Tall, Stand Strong

posted on: Sunday, September 5, 2010

Opheliac and I went to the Dirty Heads concert Friday night. It was such a fun night. We decided to take the train downtown, which neither of us had done in ages. JP and I moved into our new place on Wednesday and we are walking distance from a train station now. 

I am so excited to finally be in our new place! It's so amazing. I'll have to put up some photos. 9 foot ceilings, floor to ceiling windows. And we have two underground parking stalls!!! Plus the kitchen is to die for. I'm going to have to learn how to cook. 
(boots - thrifted, purse - Coach, tights - forever 21, shorts - thrifted DIY cutoffs, 
t-shirt - gift, necklace - custom made in India

Outfit photos by Opheliac