Memories of Spring

posted on: Thursday, September 9, 2010

These are just a couple photos from a fun little shoot with my friend Chelsey waaaay back in March. Chelsey is actually the person who inspired me to start a blog. She mentioned that she wanted to start one and wanted to take a couple photos of me and some of her other friends. At that point I was reading fashion/style blogs daily, but the thought of starting my own hadn't occurred to me. These photos were a test to see if I was brave enough to actually take photos of what I wear. 

I had forgotten about these photos until recently when I started to become obsessed with the idea of a leather skirt. I've been thinking of one on and off since the spring, but I've been really craving one the last couple of weeks. Then today I saw a post by Miranda of Pieces from Audrey that reminded me of these photos and Chelsey's black leather skirt! Gosh do I ever love it!!
On Me
(cardigan - Wilfred, faux leather leggings - Wilfred, beltRewind Consignment, 
shirt - American Apparel, earrings - Chelsey's: from a shop in Montreal)

On Chelsey
(tank - American Apparel, skirt - vintage, shoes - Le Chateau, jewellery - vintage)


  1. Fun! What does Chelsey think of your blog? I like the detail shots of your jewelry.

  2. Yes, I agree the detail shots are fantastic! You do both look fantastic as well!