Weddings & Moving

posted on: Friday, July 30, 2010

This is going to be a really short post. JP and I are in the middle of an emergency move due to mold and water damage in our apartment. It's been a brutally stressful week!! Last wednesday the condo board sent over some plumbers to inspect out place. They discovered a lot of damage. The bathroom, kitchen and the wall between the hallway and our place need to be renovated. Since then we've been working on breaking our lease, but unfortunately our landlord is overseas, so this was a hefty task. We finally found out this morning that we can break the lease, but the first of the month is on Sunday so we are scrambling to get all of our belongings together and to find another place. Alas, there has been no time for any outfit shots or posts. 

These photos are from a friends wedding last Saturday. 

(top and skirt - Jacob, shoes - Nine West, belt - thrifted, ring - Ardene)

Lunch Hour

posted on: Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sparklz and I went to the new Sunterra Market for our lunch break today. It's become our new favourite lunch spot. It only opened last week and it is completely wonderful!! The best part is that it is so close to our building. There are so many options to choose from.  It's a grocery store but it also has a little restaurant upstairs and all these other fun stations where you can pick up the most amazing lunches. There is a giant pasta, potato, and noodle salad bar, a regular salad bar, pizza, gelato, sandwichs, hot pasta, burgers and so much more. There are even grills on the second floor patio, and yesterday Sparklz and I saw people cooking burgers and barbquing there vegetables!

Yesterday I was having a major shopping crisis. I'm going to a wedding on Saturday and I really wanted to purchase a new dress to wear, but the only days that I had anytime to shop were on Tuesday and Wednesday. The last couple of weddings I've gone to I've worn my fall back little black dress, and i didn't want to do that again. I shopped for hours on Tuesday and couldn't find anything in my price range that fit me. It was so disheartening. It is almost impossible for me to find dresses that fit me, and I didn't leave myself anytime for alterations. I was in a panic. Wednesday was my last chance to find something for the wedding, but I was so discouraged from Tuesday that I was dreading going to the mall. I walked in and decided that I would just get something from the first store that I walked into. The store ended up being Jacob. I approached one of the girls in the store and told her that I NEEDED to find something to wear to a wedding, and to just bring me anything and everything. I was willing to try anything they threw at me. I think I tried on every dress and skirt in the store. I finally realized that I needed to get the idea of a dress out of my mind and go for something that I felt comfortable in and that flattered my body. I ended up opting for a high waisted black skirt and a neutral peachy/tan top. I loved the skirt so much that I bought another one is this great teal colour and had to wear it to work today. I know it's summer, but I hate having bare legs at work, so I wear tights all year round.

(tanktop - Wilfred, skirt - Jacob, shoes - Aldo
belt - thrifted, purse - Coach, necklace - custom made in India, tights - gift)

Locker Room

posted on: Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More iphone camera shots. 

Sunday I was planning on checking out the last day of the Calgary Stampede but when I checked the weather it showed that it was supposed to thunder storm all afternoon. I decided to opt out for this year. Instead I ran a lot of errands that I was procrastinating on. I returned a package, sent out some mail and grocery shopped. 

These photos were taken at my gym in the locker room. I met up with my brothers and took a break from running errands to work out. My wedding is slowly creeping up on me and I've become lazy in the last month. 

Sadly it didn't end up raining until the evening and the weather was pretty decent all day, minus a little wind. It would have been a good day to Stampede. Oh well. Next year. 

(tasseled tank top - Wilfred, 
shorts - thrifted DIY cutoffs, iphone case - TNA)

Dresses Dresses Dresses

posted on: Monday, July 19, 2010

Saturday Opheliac and I met up with Sparklz to go wedding dress shopping!! We decided to first meet at Peter's Drive-In and head over to the Bridal shop all together.  Sparklz friend owns a wedding shop and she's getting married next September and I'm getting married in February so we decided to check out the shop together. 

It was pretty fun wandering through aisle upon aisle of dresses, but it was also exhausting. I felt like I was being swallowed up by dresses! My arms were beginning to ache from carrying and pushing through the dresses. I tried on about five but didn't find "the one". I kind of have my mind stuck on a dress I tried on a month or so ago. It's Enzoani, mermaid cut with a sweetheart neckline, and mostly lace. I need to make up my mind fast though because I'm running out of time. Every store I've talked to recommends ordering your wedding dress six months prior to the wedding and the six month mark is slowly creeping up on me.

(skirt - Forever21, tanktop and cardigan - American Eagle, shoes - Sterling)

PITW-X (Part two)

posted on: Saturday, July 17, 2010

I was hoping that the weather for PITW-X was going to be nice and sunny and I had a couple of cute tank top and shorts outfits planned, but unfortunately it rained for the majority of Saturday. To stay comfy and warm I wore one of JP's old Led Zeppelin shirts, a flannel shirt, and a really soft and worn in pair of jeans. I wish that I had brought some sort of waterproof pair of shoes or boots though because my Keds were soaked. Canvas shoes do not fair well in the rain. I had a cowboy hat but JP highjacked it for himself. 

(flannel shirt - Billabong, Led Zeppelin t-shrt - JP's, 
jeans - Gap, shoes - Keds)

Photos by Opheliac

PITW-X (Part one)

posted on: Friday, July 16, 2010

For the past ten years. JP has celebrated his birthdays by going camping. We've started to call these trips, "Party in the Woods" or just PITW. Last weekend was my seventh year going to PITW. Before I met Justin camping to me included trailers, showers, lakes, swimming and tanning. Justin introduced me to camping in "the bush". The thought of it was absolutely terrifying in the beginning, but I have always had a great time at PITW.

Friday was incredibly gorgeous. It was so sunny and blazing hot. Unfortunately, Alberta has bipolar weather and Saturday turned into one of the worst down pours I have seen this year. The day started out decent, but sometime in the afternoon the rain started. Out of nowhere the rain poured down in buckets which starting a mud slide down the hill. We had set up camp at the bottom of the hill, so needless to say the mud was streaming through our campsite. Although the trip turned out to be rainy, muddy and cold, we manage to have an amazing time. 

One of our camping traditions is a little game we call "log". The rules are similar to botchy ball and golf. Everyone finds a log, then one person picks a target. Everyone throws their log at the target. The person farthest away from the target gets a point. Pretty simple, but a lot of fun. 

When the rain started we had no protection set up. The guy had to scramble to rig up this tarp when there was a break in the down pour. The tarp ended up being our sanctuary for the majority of Saturday. 


I decided to test out Polyvore and create a Calgary Stampede look. The Stampede is a  rodeo and midway that sets up downtown Calgary every July for 10 days. There are only three days left and I have yet to check it out. I'm planning on heading down to the grounds on Sunday with Opheliac. The typical outfit for the Stampede is a western cowboy style. Big belt buckles, plaid or flannel shirts, jeans or cut offs and of course, cowboy boots. The whole city gets into the look and workplaces encourage employees to dress western for the 10 days.

Set created on Polyvore

Road Trips & Concerts

posted on: Friday, July 9, 2010

Yesterday JP and I and a couple of friends took a quick one day road trip to Edmonton to see a band called Tool. The concert happened at the perfect time because it is one of JP's favourite bands and Tuesday was his birthday.  It was a pretty rushed trip and we didn't have a good chance to take any outfits photos so I just snapped a couple with my iphone in the bathroom mirror. 

(shorts - Winners, t-shirt - TNA, tights - Forever21, jean jacket - Old Navy)

The Ridge

posted on: Thursday, July 8, 2010

Last weekend I went to a stagette party and a baby shower. This is what I wore to the baby shower. It was a Jack and Jill party, and was pretty small and casual so I chose to wear a lace top and distressed jeans. After the shower I met up with Opheliac for a walk along the Fish Creek ridge.

These jeans are one of my favourite pairs. I've had them for a few years now. I really love distressed denim. I found these Nine West shoes at at a great price ($60!!) at winners. I am slowly getting back into heals. When flats became popular I resisted for a long long time because I thought that they made me look too short, but when I finally gave in to flats I lost my ability to walk in heals! Flats were also so much more practical when I was going to school in Lethbridge. The wind there is relentless and the University was built into a coulee, so there were a lot of hills and stairs on campus. 

Tuesday was JP's birthday. It was a pretty low key day. We went to Badass Jacks for wraps, picked up some drinks, then headed home to watch a movie of JP's choice. He picked The new Star Trek movie. I was reluctant to watch it because I've never been into Star Trek but I ended up really enjoying it. Yesterday JP and I and a couple friends headed to Edmonton to catch the Tool concert, one of JP's favourite bands. It was an amazing show. Tomorrow we are leaving for JP's annual birthday camping trip. This year will be the 10th anniversary. I'm planning on snapping a couple of camping inspired outfits this weekend. 

(lace top - American Apparel, jeans, belt, & necklace - American Eagle, cardigan - Joe Fresh Style, 
purse - Dooney and Bourke, shoes - Nine West)

Bragg Creek

posted on: Saturday, July 3, 2010

Opheliac and I took a day trip to a town outside of Calgary last week called Bragg Creek. I've driven through the town plenty of time, but haven't actually taken the time to stop there in years. There are several little shops there, so Opheliac and I stopped in a few. We found an antique store run out of someone's basement. I love finding old lockets and scarves,  but this store carried mostly furniture. 

I think I'm becoming obsessed with rompers. So far I've only allowed myself to buy two of them though. They are just so adorable and fun! 

(romper - Forever 21, shoes - Keds, shirt - Element, 
tanktop - Wilfred, bracelets - gift, nail polish - Joe Fresh Style)

Photos by Opheliac