PITW-X (Part two)

posted on: Saturday, July 17, 2010

I was hoping that the weather for PITW-X was going to be nice and sunny and I had a couple of cute tank top and shorts outfits planned, but unfortunately it rained for the majority of Saturday. To stay comfy and warm I wore one of JP's old Led Zeppelin shirts, a flannel shirt, and a really soft and worn in pair of jeans. I wish that I had brought some sort of waterproof pair of shoes or boots though because my Keds were soaked. Canvas shoes do not fair well in the rain. I had a cowboy hat but JP highjacked it for himself. 

(flannel shirt - Billabong, Led Zeppelin t-shrt - JP's, 
jeans - Gap, shoes - Keds)

Photos by Opheliac