PITW-X (Part one)

posted on: Friday, July 16, 2010

For the past ten years. JP has celebrated his birthdays by going camping. We've started to call these trips, "Party in the Woods" or just PITW. Last weekend was my seventh year going to PITW. Before I met Justin camping to me included trailers, showers, lakes, swimming and tanning. Justin introduced me to camping in "the bush". The thought of it was absolutely terrifying in the beginning, but I have always had a great time at PITW.

Friday was incredibly gorgeous. It was so sunny and blazing hot. Unfortunately, Alberta has bipolar weather and Saturday turned into one of the worst down pours I have seen this year. The day started out decent, but sometime in the afternoon the rain started. Out of nowhere the rain poured down in buckets which starting a mud slide down the hill. We had set up camp at the bottom of the hill, so needless to say the mud was streaming through our campsite. Although the trip turned out to be rainy, muddy and cold, we manage to have an amazing time. 

One of our camping traditions is a little game we call "log". The rules are similar to botchy ball and golf. Everyone finds a log, then one person picks a target. Everyone throws their log at the target. The person farthest away from the target gets a point. Pretty simple, but a lot of fun. 

When the rain started we had no protection set up. The guy had to scramble to rig up this tarp when there was a break in the down pour. The tarp ended up being our sanctuary for the majority of Saturday. 


  1. the flip-flops on top of the grill is an awesome picture! i hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!

  2. Yes, I love that shot as well! You definitely captured the wetness of it all. That is still the biggest tarp I've ever seen. Thank goodness for motivated guys.

  3. Hahaha. the song. Do it while your motivated.