Lunch Hour

posted on: Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sparklz and I went to the new Sunterra Market for our lunch break today. It's become our new favourite lunch spot. It only opened last week and it is completely wonderful!! The best part is that it is so close to our building. There are so many options to choose from.  It's a grocery store but it also has a little restaurant upstairs and all these other fun stations where you can pick up the most amazing lunches. There is a giant pasta, potato, and noodle salad bar, a regular salad bar, pizza, gelato, sandwichs, hot pasta, burgers and so much more. There are even grills on the second floor patio, and yesterday Sparklz and I saw people cooking burgers and barbquing there vegetables!

Yesterday I was having a major shopping crisis. I'm going to a wedding on Saturday and I really wanted to purchase a new dress to wear, but the only days that I had anytime to shop were on Tuesday and Wednesday. The last couple of weddings I've gone to I've worn my fall back little black dress, and i didn't want to do that again. I shopped for hours on Tuesday and couldn't find anything in my price range that fit me. It was so disheartening. It is almost impossible for me to find dresses that fit me, and I didn't leave myself anytime for alterations. I was in a panic. Wednesday was my last chance to find something for the wedding, but I was so discouraged from Tuesday that I was dreading going to the mall. I walked in and decided that I would just get something from the first store that I walked into. The store ended up being Jacob. I approached one of the girls in the store and told her that I NEEDED to find something to wear to a wedding, and to just bring me anything and everything. I was willing to try anything they threw at me. I think I tried on every dress and skirt in the store. I finally realized that I needed to get the idea of a dress out of my mind and go for something that I felt comfortable in and that flattered my body. I ended up opting for a high waisted black skirt and a neutral peachy/tan top. I loved the skirt so much that I bought another one is this great teal colour and had to wear it to work today. I know it's summer, but I hate having bare legs at work, so I wear tights all year round.

(tanktop - Wilfred, skirt - Jacob, shoes - Aldo
belt - thrifted, purse - Coach, necklace - custom made in India, tights - gift)


  1. I love the last photo!!!

    <3 sparklz

  2. That's a great outfit! I love the color of the skirt and it goes great with the black lace.

  3. Wow. Love. That. Skirt. You are so cool and hot and I love it with the black lace too! Love the pleats, the shape, the colour, love it!! So happy you found something at the mall.

  4. Nice outfit. Love the colour of the skirt.xx

  5. beautiful!!! love the lace top!! :D
    it's been awhile since i visited your blog.. i miss the calgary photos! hahaha! :D

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