The Weekend

posted on: Friday, April 27, 2012

This is one of my lazy weekend outfits from a couple weeks ago. My mom took the first few photos of me for this outfit post, and then my little sister took a turn at the camera. I love the photos she took. They ended up capturing a bit of my sillier side. We were giggling and laughing because she kept snapping photos when I was trying to instruct her on how to use the camera, and catching me running or making a funny face. 

Outfit Details
sweater and pants from Aritzia
Club Monaco tank top
Arturo Chiang flats
wrap bracelet from Dragonfly and Amber
Joe Fresh orange bangle

Spring Swap LookBook Shoot

posted on: Thursday, April 26, 2012

Last Sunday I helped out with a photo shoot for the upcoming Spring Swap with The SWAP Team.  The SWAP Team invited a few bloggers to put together some outfits for a LookBook of some of the items that will be available at the Swap. We all also brought a bunch of our own clothes for the swap and added them to the pile of items to style for the shoot. It was so much fun working with Elle and Fela of Calgary Fashion, Necole of The Creative Mixx and Glorife of Fashionsign Magazine. Thank you Vanessa and The SWAP Team for having me at the shoot! I can't wait for the swap event on June 3rd!
Elle, Fela, Necole and Me
photo by Fashionsign Magazine

photos by Mark Derry
The swap events put on by The SWAP Team are really amazing and I always leave with some great finds, so I highly recommend going! Here are the details:

The SWAP Team presents: Take Off Your Clothes - Calgary
11am-5pm Sunday June 3rd
Hotel Arts
early bird admission - $8
advanced - $10
door - $12

for more information click HERE

Amy & Ashley Ramble and Roam Vol. 3

posted on: Friday, April 20, 2012

Amy and I caught up over breakfast last week, and as usual we could have kept talking about anything and everything all day long. The day started out with oatmeal and coffee, followed by photos in a school yard. 

Outfit Details
On Me
Joe Fresh Dress
Steve Madden Shoes
American Eagle jean jacket
H&M necklace
On Amy
Modcloth Dress
Forever 21 floral leggings
Ardene's socks
Aldo glitter wedges

In Motion

posted on: Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I have another Ramble and Roam post with Amy of Flying a Kite in the works, but I haven't quite finished it yet, so I will leave you with a sneak-peek through an animation for now. We had so much fun coming up with ideas for timed photos and some of them look so neat as animations I might just have to do another one!

You can check out Amy's beautiful Ramble and Roam post HERE

Blue and Green - Bellissima Blog

posted on: Tuesday, April 17, 2012

As some of you know I contribute posts to the Bellissima Blog. I thought I'd show a sneak-peek of a spring outfit I've posted over there. You can check out the rest of the post here. 

Runway Monthly

posted on: Friday, April 13, 2012

Tuesday night was the first instalment of a new monthly event in Calgary called Runway Monthly. Each month two designers and a local stylist will be featured showing their creations or styling in a runway show. This month was NRT Fashions by Nicole Rita Tomney, Pout Clothing by Kristin Summersgill and styling by Crystal Mckenzie. 

Me, Jen and Maeghan of PARK photographed for Swerve Street Style
Nicole always seems to incorporate interesting head pieces into her designs, and this time around NRT's head pieces made me think of Egyptian mummies while the clothing felt disco glamour. Krystal Mckenzie's styling of pieces from Primitive Culture was very laid back and minimalistic, and Kristin Summersgill's collection was japanese inspired with bold red and black pieces. 

Below are some snapshots from the event. I didn't get too many great shots of the designs, but I feel like I captured some of the vibe of the night. 


Crystal Mckenzie styling Primitive Culture
Pout Clothing

Sock Bun

posted on: Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I recently posted a photo on Instagram of a sock bun hair style I was testing out. I actually really liked it and it was such an easy, no fuss way of doing my hair I thought I would share a how to. 

I found a tutorial on Pinterest, and this is what I followed to try out this bun. I was worried that my hair was too short and fine to pull off this bun, but it worked out great and definitely gave my bun a lot more volume. 

Leather & Lace

posted on: Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sometimes I don't realize I'm in a pattern of wearing similar outfits until I see the photographic evidence. Lately it appears that I'm stuck on pairing cute dresses with my leather jacket. I'm actually wearing my leather jacket with absolutely everything right now. 

Tieka of Selective Potential and I did a swap a couple months back and she sent me this dress. Isn't it so pretty? Seriously, the best part of blogging is meeting inspiring people from all over. I feel so soooo lucky to have met one of my favourite bloggers and to have the opportunity to do a swap with her! Tieka, you are amazing! Thank you. 

In other news, I'm starting another new job next week. I'm really excited! I got a position as a Cognitive Therapist working with people with brain injury. I think it's going to be really challenging, but so rewarding. I'll still be helping out with my last job teaching kids nutrition and fitness, but I won't be able to work as much. I think that both jobs fit me perfectly and I'm so happy with my career path right now. 

I also wanted to thank everyone for their comments and encouragement on my last post about my upcoming 10km run. I'm still struggling while I'm running, but I'm starting to look forward to my runs, and missing them when I take a day off, which I'm taking as a really good sign. 

Outfit Details
dress via swap with Selective Potential
Danier leather bomber jacket (similar)
Steve Madden Troopa boots
purse via Winners
Forever 21 tights

Green Pants

posted on: Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's hard to get into the spirit of spring time when the weather forecast is threatening a snow storms every other day. March, April, and even May are such up and down months here. One day it will feel like spring, the next we will be back to winter. My solution to the random weather is to add a little spring time colour and then pile on the layers in case the snow starts. I also always have several different jackets in the back seat of my car in varying warmths just in case. 

Last night JP and I finally went to see Hunger Games! It was good, but I wish that I could have held off on reading the books until after seeing the movie. I always find that no matter how good the movie, I'm always a little disappointed if I've read the book first. The movie always leaves out a favourite part, or can't capture a moment the way you imagined it. 

In other news, I'm training for my first run in May. I'm going to run 10km in the Calgary Marathon. So far the training still feels a little torturous. I'm not getting the "runners high" that everyone talks about, so we will see how that turns out. I am determined though, and want to eventually run a half and full marathon. I hope it starts to get easier soon!

photos by Chelsey

Outfit Details
Joe Fresh green jeans (similar), silk blouse (similar) and cardigan
Aritzia floral t-shirt
assorted bangles (InPink, Forever 21, J. Crew, H&M)
Stella & Dot Necklaces
Arturo Chiang snakeskin flats (similar)