Runway Monthly

posted on: Friday, April 13, 2012

Tuesday night was the first instalment of a new monthly event in Calgary called Runway Monthly. Each month two designers and a local stylist will be featured showing their creations or styling in a runway show. This month was NRT Fashions by Nicole Rita Tomney, Pout Clothing by Kristin Summersgill and styling by Crystal Mckenzie. 

Me, Jen and Maeghan of PARK photographed for Swerve Street Style
Nicole always seems to incorporate interesting head pieces into her designs, and this time around NRT's head pieces made me think of Egyptian mummies while the clothing felt disco glamour. Krystal Mckenzie's styling of pieces from Primitive Culture was very laid back and minimalistic, and Kristin Summersgill's collection was japanese inspired with bold red and black pieces. 

Below are some snapshots from the event. I didn't get too many great shots of the designs, but I feel like I captured some of the vibe of the night. 


Crystal Mckenzie styling Primitive Culture
Pout Clothing


  1. Hey Ashley

    That's such an awesome idea - we love to support fellow Canadians! We wish we had Runway Monthly in TO! Love the colour blocking!



  2. Oh how I wish I lived in a city! I miss being in one so badly!! Hope you had fun girl!

    Melanie xo

  3. Fun!! I really want to come visit you and do blogger things together haha.

  4. Thak´s for follow me in trendtation!
    kisses :)

  5. Ashley, I think I saw you at the event! I loved your outfit! Would love to meet you sometime. Hugs,

  6. Sounds like a really cool event! You did get some great shots too, I have to say.