Locker Room

posted on: Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More iphone camera shots. 

Sunday I was planning on checking out the last day of the Calgary Stampede but when I checked the weather it showed that it was supposed to thunder storm all afternoon. I decided to opt out for this year. Instead I ran a lot of errands that I was procrastinating on. I returned a package, sent out some mail and grocery shopped. 

These photos were taken at my gym in the locker room. I met up with my brothers and took a break from running errands to work out. My wedding is slowly creeping up on me and I've become lazy in the last month. 

Sadly it didn't end up raining until the evening and the weather was pretty decent all day, minus a little wind. It would have been a good day to Stampede. Oh well. Next year. 

(tasseled tank top - Wilfred, 
shorts - thrifted DIY cutoffs, iphone case - TNA)


  1. Wait, you didn't work out in those cutoffs did you??

  2. Hahaha. No way. Just what I was wearing when I got to the gym. I wore Lululemon to workout of course :)

  3. I love your blog!! I'm so happy you finally decided to put aside your apprehensions and enter into the blogosphere. I'll be happily following along (while procrastinating from thesis writing, of course).