posted on: Monday, September 6, 2010

I've been wanting a wicked pair of wedges for the fall, and my favourite shoes/boots are suede so when I saw bloggers Lena of Quality Rivets and Ashleigh of Rantings of a Fashion Addict wearing these wedges  from Aldo I had to track them down. Calgary always gets things in stores later than eastern and western Canada, so when I first went out looking Aldo didn't have them yet. Finally I was able to find a pair at Chinook Centre. LOVE these shoes!!! They are fairly comfortable for heals too. 
(jeans & jacket - American Eagle, sweater - RW, purse - Spring, shoes - Aldo)

Photos by Opheliac


  1. i love the shoes! awesome outfit too by the way

  2. yay I am so glad you found them! and yes, for such a high wedge, they are very comfortable :)

  3. im loving the military and androgynous vibe of this look with the jacket and boots!!! :D stunning look!

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  4. Ahh I love this! Seriously, does it get more chic than this? no! I love your sweater with the military jacket and girl...those shoes! mmmm!