Touch of Mink

posted on: Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So I picked up this Sally Hanson nail polish the other day called Touch of Mink. I really like the colour. I never thought that I would like brown nail polish. At first I was unsure of the brush because it is really wide and I hadn't seen a brush like it, but I ended up loving it because it covers the nail in one swipe. It definitely cut down the time it takes to paint nails. 

I'm really getting back into nail polish. When I was in Jr. High I had a box full of nail polish in every colour you could imagine. I even had a cute sparkly one that had little red heart in it that I would wear on Valentines Day. lol. I remember bringing my box of nail polish camping in the summer, meeting up with some of my camping friends ( we went to the same camp ground every year for a week or two) who were also nail polish fanatics, and sitting on the beach painting each others nails. 


  1. Me too, I had that free manicure a few weeks ago and decided to venture outside the pinks and reds so brown I go!

    Lovely choice!

    p.s. even with a dummy test blog, I'm still a dummy! Hmtl whaa?

  2. i totally love this color ash! you won't mind me getting the same color, yeah? :) and hey, i didn't realize i wasn't following u through google so im following u now :)

    super excited with the bloggers meet! x

  3. Hi KD! I won't mind if you buy the same colour! :) I'm so excited for the meet up too!