Snowy Morning

posted on: Tuesday, November 16, 2010

(jacket - Talua Babaton, jeans - Jessica Simpson, boots - thrifted - bag - Spring - toque and scarf - RW & Co.)
Today turned out to be pretty brutal. My car is in the shop right now, so I had to leave for work extra early to get a ride from JP to the train station. It also snowed over 10cm last night, so it was icy and cold out this morning. I got everything ready last night so that I wouldn't hold JP up and we could leave on time. We were just about to leave the door when I realized my purse was leaking! I didn't tighten the lid on my juice and it was pouring into my bag!! I quickly emptied out everything and switched purses. We dashed out the door and got into JP's work van. I then realized that I didn't have my swipe card for work! It was still in my other purse. I ran back inside to grab it. While I was running back outside and across the street to JP's van I slid on the ice, tripped on the curb and face planted into a snow drift and hit my head! UUUGGH! I had snow down my pants, snow in my hair, snow in my boots. I started to cry. I walked over to JP and told him that I was going back to bed. Somehow, even though I managed not to hit my nose I ended up with an intense headache/nose-ache. I am seriously so clumsy. It was my second day back at work after my recovery and I had to slip/trip and hit my head. Wow.

Well, tomorrow is another day. Hope it goes better than today.

These photos are from a quick walk to Tim Hortons on the weekend to grab a coffee.


  1. Oh no! What a bad morning! Sometimes nothing can go right and it just snowballs (no pun intended). Hope the rest of your day went better!

    Isn't Alberta the worst for bloggers...why do we live here?


  2. oh my snow...10 inches..ahhh.
    i am so sorry...well if it look beautiful!
    stay warm !!

  3. Your jacket looks so super cozy!

    Awee, I'm sorry to hear about that!~ you get everything planned and get up early and then that goes and happens, I'm so super sorry && I hope you are feeling much better! There are brighter days ahead, my friend. :) <33

  4. Aw, Ashley! What a poopy start to the day! Tomorrow will be better though- it has to be!!

    I can't believe you have 10 inches of snow already! Makes me realize that I am sooo not ready for the white stuff! :) Love your bag here!


  5. lovely,
    ohh and i really love ur outfit in previous post!!


  6. Hi Ashley!! I am new to your blog thanks to 20 York Street!! Big hello from a fellow Canadian blogger (I'm from Victoria)!! Great outfits!!

    look forward to seeing your other great creations, and super photography too!!!

    xoxo Jodi

  7. Awwww, pauvre Ashley! It's one of those days, eh? I'm glad you decided to stay home instead. Are you feeling better?

    p.s. I've finally posted the tag, sorry it took soo long:

  8. Thanks for all the comments everyone! You are all so amazing. :)