Baby It's Cold Outside

posted on: Friday, November 19, 2010

These photos are old. They were taken in mine and JP's old apartment. I had just gotten these jeggings and was in love. So comfy<3

Today has been a pretty lazy day. I went with my mom to her chiropractor because the roads are really bad right now and she didn't want to drive alone. Afterwards we grabbed a coffee and just visited at my parents house. JP is over at a friends house watching the hockey game. I didn't feel like venturing out into the cold so I stayed in and watched Twilight with some ginger and peppermint tea. When it's cold out I don't feel like going anywhere. All I want to do is curl up on the couch with some tea. 

(jeggings - 34 Heritage, tanktop and cardigan - Joe Fresh Style, necklace - Aldo, 
bracelets - HM and J. Crew, shoes - American Eagle)
I just finished reading Unbearable Lightness by Portia de Rossi. I actually finished most of the book in a day. It was really good. It goes through her struggles with the Hollywood scene and the pressure she felt to be thin and to diet. Although it is her story of anorexia and bulimia, she says it is written for anyone who has ever been on a diet. I think it is worth reading even for people who haven't struggled with dieting. There are so many great lessons to be learned from her book about accepting who we are and loving ourselves.  


  1. I really need to get a pair of jeggings!! Your necklace is awesome btw! I always want to hibernate in the winter, I hate going outside when the cold hits you like a brick in the face. We've been having weird weather, we had a few days of warm weather and yesterday felt like winter. Stay warm! (ginger peppermint tea sounds amazing!!)

  2. great look!! love the detail on the top, and the orange cardigan cute!!!! And i didn't know miss portio had a book!!! have to read it!!!

  3. Awww.. loving the orange and beige combo..

  4. Haha! Mikhaila! That's exactly what the cold feels like. A brick in the face.

    Freesia -Yes! You have to read her book. I found it so fascinating.

    Thanks Emma and O! :)

  5. That necklace is sooo pretty! And I'm loving all the Joe Fresh. Thanks for posting about Portia de Rossi's book - I was curious about it and now I think I might give it a read.

  6. Ashley your photos are WAY. TOO. BEAUTIFUL. They are just a joy to view!!

    And I cannot believe the awesomeness that is this top. Whoever this Joe Fresh person is they need to come to the Americas :D

  7. thanks! the sweater is vintage. it was my grandmas.

    love the necklace my dear. its the cherry on top for the outfit.

  8. i totally love this simple chic outfit!!!

  9. you are too adorable! I read an excerpt from portia's book and it sounded great. love the pop of orange <3

    xoxo following!

  10. Loving the jeggings on you! I gave yet to try this trend but I got some hips that most of the time, skinny jeans don't go up my waist, eck!

    P.s. I hate to ask this question coz it shows how un-cool I am but where's Heritage 34?

  11. Thanks for all the lovely comments everyone :)

    ML - I bought the Heritage 34 jeggings at Aritzia. I hadn't heard of them before, but I tried on a bunch of jeggings and they fit the best. :)

  12. I love your shirt!! Your necklace is awesome too :)