Batiste Dry Shampoo

posted on: Thursday, March 6, 2014

I discovered dry shampoo around six years ago and fell in love with the idea. It was especially a life saver on those mornings when I had an early class at university and decided to hit my snooze alarm a few too many times. I've tried quite a few different brands of dry shampoo over the years but my favourite has to be Batiste. I found Batiste at Shoppers Drug Mart a couple years ago and have been buying it ever since. So far I've tried the original, tropical, blush and XXL volume. I really loved the original, tropical, and blush versions, but I actually really do not like XXL volume. I find the others leave my hair feeling clean and refreshed, while the XXL volume makes my hair feel like it has loads of product in it, and I cannot for the life of me run my fingers through my hair. I will definitely be sticking to the traditional formula from now on.

My hair isn't the type that can go for very long without washing, and I find the Batiste dry shampoo is a really great way to hold my hair over between washes. It's also perfect for days when you are going out after work and need to give your hair a boost. I also find that dry shampoo is great for adding a bit of volume.

What do you think of dry shampoo? Do you use it?



  1. My hair is very oily so dry shampoo is super for me! I also use Batiste´s dry shampoo, it´s good! My favourites are "tropical" and the one for dark hair :)

  2. I am THE WORST about washing my hair every day.... I just feel so unclean and greasy (even if I'm not actually) if I don't. I bought a bottle of Batiste and managed to make it one day between washes.... It's a work in progress I guess. I don't know how people go nearly a week without washing!

  3. I love Batiste! It's such a lifesaver for me, as I don't like over-washing but need to tend to my oily roots. I currently have one of the Original scent cans on the go. Also like the one with cherry fragrance :)


  4. Dove's new dry shampoo isn't bad. Fortunately I can go 3 days without shampooing and rarely require dry shampoos. Haven't tried Batiste but never saw anyone who didn't like it!

  5. I need recommendation for something fro dark hair :)

  6. I love batiste! It works so well and I always get it at such a great deal at winners! xx