Sunday Link Love #1

posted on: Sunday, March 16, 2014

I've always notice other blogger sharing their favourite blog posts, articles, fashion, and beauty finds from the week or month so I decided why not share mine too!

Some of these I found over a week ago or have been out for well over a week, but since this is my first post like this I thought I might as well share them. So here goes my first weekly links that I've loved.

The Sarah Stevenson for Target Canada collection in stores March 23rd. She's the winner of the Toronto Fashion Incubator New Labels Competition. The collection is described as timeless, elegant and romantic. I'm loving the floral print pants.

This article on Yoga's Powerful Influence on Mood. I find that yoga has a positive effect on my mood, so it was cool to read a bit on the science behind it.

I discovered this article, My Photoshopped Reality, through Ben Barry on twitter. It was definitely an interesting read.

This post by Viviana Does Makeup on her Top 5 Nude Drugstore lipsticks. I don't have that many nude lip colours, but now I've added a few to my wish list.

This fitness post by Julie of Orchid Grey, 6 Tips For Staying on Track When it's Absolutely Miserable Outside. My favourite tip, and one that I live by is #1. The weather is warming up, but I think her tips still apply.


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