Lately Vol. 10

posted on: Saturday, March 15, 2014

Davids Tea | distressed denim

Grabbing Starbucks and watching Frozen with my sister | morning coffee
hanging out with my sister, taking selfies in the car

Holts spring trends | baked french toast

Revlon Valentine's Day date night makeup
Just a few Instagram and iPhone photos from back in January and February. JP and I love tea, so we've been having fun testing out all the different teas in the above sample pack from Davids Tea. I've been getting a lot of wear out of my distressed denim for the last couple months. I'll definitely be wearing them a lot this spring and summer. It was my little sister's birthday in January, so my mom, sister and I went to see Frozen. It was such a great movie! As I mentioned in a couple previous posts, I've been trying to cook more. I tried making baked blueberry french toast from a recipe I found on Pinterest, and I will not be making that recipe again.They were pretty terrible. I'm not sure if I baked them too long, or if the mixture just wasn't right, but I don't want to risk trying again! And finally, I have been having fun testing out some new lip and cheek products from Revlon.


  1. Fun round up of photos!

    Distressed denim is always and forever one of my favourites :)

    Happy weekend!
    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  2. your little sister is legit your twin! SO cute! See you tuesday! xo

  3. Great roundup! Love David's Tea and those boots are amazing :)