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posted on: Sunday, March 2, 2014

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Core Collection | Starter Set
I have been meaning to get around to this post for ages. I took these photos so long ago. I had been hearing a ton about Real Technique Makeup Brushes on youtube and on beauty blogs, and I was dying to try them out. Last spring my parents took a trip to Atlanta to visit my aunt and uncle so I gave them a list of a few makeup items that I wanted that weren't available in Canada. I had also asked my aunt to keep an eye out for the Real Techniques brushes, so between my parents and my aunt I ended up with quite a few. These brushes are now available in Canada. I have heard that you can find some at Wal-Mart, and I have seen them at London Drugs. 

The brushes are coloured differently  based on what they are used for. The orange colour are base brushes, purple are for the eyes, and pink are finishing brushes. Although all the brushes are meant for specific uses, I have found they are also fairly versatile. Some brushes are sold individually, while others are only available in a set. The brushes are cruelty free, are made of extra soft synthetic bristles, and most of the brushes have self-standing bases. They are really easy to clean and dry very fast. I am extremely happy with my brushes, and I think they are really reasonably priced for the quality. Here is a break-down of the ones that I own.

I think this brush can be pretty versatile and could be used for any power product, but I have only used it for blush. I love the shape and really like how it applies blush. It is so soft and gentle. 

This was the brush I was most excited for, and I am really happy with it. I have heard other people using it for foundation, but I use this brush pretty much exclusively for cream blush. I usually apply the blush to my cheeks with my fingers and then blend it out with the brush. 

I love this brush, and I think it is my favourite brush out of all of them. I use it to apply my foundation and I find that it is perfect. I think it blends foundation beautifully. 

The core collection comes with the contour brush, a pointed foundation brush, a detailer brush, and the buffing brush. Out of all the brushes, the only one I rarely use is the pointed foundation brush. I was the most excited for the buffing brush but find that I actually haven't used it that often. It was one of the brushes that I was hearing the most raving about. I heard a lot of great things about it being perfect for applying foundation, but I tend to use the buffing brush for blushes that are less pigmented, blending out blush/bronzer, and sometimes for setting powder. I do really like this brush, I just find myself reaching for other brushes instead. I actually use the contour brush a lot. I have used it to contour my cheeks with bronzer, but most often I use it for highlighting. I have also tried using this to blend under eye concealer. The accent brush is nice for lipstick or concealer. 

The starter kit is a set of eye brushes and includes the deluxe crease brush, the base shadow brush, the accent brush, the fine liner brush, and an eye brow brush. My favourites are the crease brush, the accent brush, and the base shadow brush. When I first got the set I used the crease brush as a crease brush, but I have a couple other brushes that I tend to use for the crease more often so I started using the crease brush for concealer. I really like it for this purpose and am really happy using it for concealer. I usually pat on my concealer with my fingers and then blend it out with the crease brush. I also love the accent brush and use this to add shadow along the lower lash line, to smoke out my eyeliner, or to add a darker shadow along my upper lash line instead of using eyeliner. 

I actually also own the powder brush and just adore it. I found it a few months ago at London Drugs. I am now on the look out for the kabuki brush, the duo fiber collection and the miracle complexion sponge

Have you tried Real Techniques Makeup Brushs? Are there any brushes you can't live without? 

xo Ashley


  1. I've been eying these brushes for quite a while now, but I can't justify buying them because I'm not that big of a makeup wearer...but once my current powder/blush brushes die, I'm running to the nearest store to buy these :)
    I've seen the sponge around my area...let me know how your search goes though!

  2. I have no idea as far as make-up brushes go, I have an old blush brush that my mom gave me goodness knows when. I would like to get a set of proper brushes though I admit. These look like great ones.

  3. What a great roundup! I have all of the brushes you featured (except for the eye kit) and they have been standouts this year for sure. My faves are the Expert Face Brush, the Blush Brush, the Contour Brush, and the Buffing Brush... Guess I have a lot of favourites :)