Tie-Dye and Sunshine

posted on: Saturday, June 19, 2010

Today was a pretty great Saturday. JP (my fiance) went white water rafting for a bachelor party early this morning, so I decided to spend the day with my mom. We met up at the tanning salon, then grabbed coffees for ourselves and my brother. We went back to my parents house, sat in the sun and sipped out coffees. It was such a beautiful day. 
I picked up a set of three flower pots yesterday so my mom and I decided to plant some flowers in them while we were hanging out. Later my little sister came home from a birthday party and she wanted to take some silly pictures together. She can be pretty hilarious sometimes. 
JP and I met up for dinner at one of our favourite places, Badass Jacks. They have the most amazing wraps there! I decided to change my outfit slightly for dinner. I traded my gold elephant chain for several small silver chains. I also decided to wear my hair down. 
(cropped jacket - Gap, chains - American Eagle, elephant necklace - F21, headband - J. Crew
tank-top - Delia's, skirt - American Apparel, gladiator sandals - Sterling)


  1. hey.. finally stumbled upon your blog.. i think my chictopia message to you wasn't clear..

    to put a link there, you just basically do this..

    "blog name":blog address

    so for me, it's like..

    "animated confessions":http://animatedconfessions.blogspot.com

    hope that helped.. message me if you have any issues, concerns! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. I just love the way this skirt fits you!