Old Possum's Book Of Practical Cats

posted on: Monday, June 21, 2010

Opheliak and I met up for our traditional Sunday get together. This time, instead of grabbing a coffee and taking a walk in a park we decided to check out a famers market and a book sale that my brother told us about. 

I picked up a really cute book of poems about cats by T.S Eliot and a couple of cook books because I'm a terrible cook. One book was for entertaining and the other was about different spices. Hopefully I'll be able to get inspired! Afterwards we wandered around and looked at a couple of thrift stores. 

(tank top - Wilfred, necklace - American Eagle, shorts - thrifted DIY, 
gladiators - Sterling, blazer - Talula) 

photos by Opheliac


  1. Perfect light, location, and style! I love the peeling blue door. Great call on hanging your necklace! I think our Sunday shoots get better and better. :) Also, I kind of want to hear a poem from that cat book you got...

  2. Lol. Maybe my next post will be one of the poems and then some photos!!! And JP has been collecting awesome pictures of cats. lol.

  3. i think this is awesome!! the lace, blazer and cuffed shorts! im gonna steal this look from you one time and recreate it! hahaha! :D

    you're looking great! :D

    Animated Confessions

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog through chictopia and wanted to say Hi! This is a great outfit, I love the way the lace looks with the blazer. I'm following you now!

    Mikhaila @thriftaway.blogspot.com

  5. Are you a big fan of cats? If so, then I love you!! hehe. I love your blazer and the way you rolled up the sleeves.

  6. You made me a link! Yay! So cool. Thank you :)

  7. These photos are gorgeous!! I love that lace top and your hair :)

  8. Is this the blazer that you are talking about Hun? I so hope you found it as it is definitely a classic!