Sunday Link Love #6

posted on: Sunday, May 10, 2015

LinkLove6 Now that I have more time on my hands to scour the internet for interesting articles and blog posts, I thought I would bring back my Sunday Link Love posts, where I share some of my favourite bloggers, blog post, and other things I find interesting around the internet.

I found blogger Beti of Makeup Sessions through Instagram, and am totally hooked on her IG and blog. Lately she has been doing a spring makeup series, which I have loved because I always like to see how people choose to switch up their makeup for different seasons. Beti has great reviews and if you are a makeup addict like I am, you will love looking at her beautiful makeup collection and photos.

I like to think of these Sunday link sharing posts as a chance for me to also share my love of psychology on the blog. I recently found this article on Psychology Today through twitter about emotion awareness and regulation. I especially liked this quote from the article, "If feelings are information, then open yourself to the information they are telling you and let the feeling arrive in your consciousness". 

The second issue of Dote Magazine came out a little while ago, but I only recently picked it up at Market Collective last weekend. If you do not live in Calgary, you can read the first and second issues of Dote online here.

A couple posts back I shared an outfit wearing a Kimono by Lauren Yurkio. Well, I loved that kimono so much that I had to stop by her table at Market Collective and buy another one of her beautiful kimonos. Lauren is a really talented artist, and she also creates hand printed textiles including pillows, napkin sets, and jackets. If you live in Calgary you should definitely check out her work when she is at Market collective. If you do not live in Calgary you can check out a few of her pieces on her Etsy shop!

Alix of I Covet Thee recently shared her April Favourites on her blog and YouTube channel, and I literally ran to Shoppers Drug Mart when she mentioned that John Freida had brought back their Sea Salt Spray. I loved this Sea Salt Spray a while back, so using it again has been pretty nostalgic. I also really love the coconut/sunscreen scent, which just reminds me of summer.

Finally, over the last couple weeks I have been trying to get back into a workout routine. Sometimes I just don't feel like heading to the gym or going for a run, so I just throw on a exercise video on YouTube. I especially love Cassey's 5 minute and 6 minute Blogilates videos. These are great when you are in a rush and don't have much time to fit in a workout, or you can do a bunch of them in a row to get a full body workout in.

I'd love to hear some of the blogs and articles you have been loving recently!

xo Ashley


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