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posted on: Tuesday, May 13, 2014

photo by Samuel Hoffe
photo by Samuel Hoffe
I wrote a post recently about an event I was lucky enough to attend hosted by Fresita and Skoah. I got to try out some of the products at Skoah, so I thought I would share what I picked out and my thoughts so far. Some of the products that I wanted to test out were the Klensing Lotion, the Glow Tonik, and the Hydradew Mask, but I ended up going with two masks, the Hydradew Mask and the Aha Mask.

A result of living in Alberta is that my skin can get really dry and dehydrated so I decided I wanted to try out something that would add some hydration to my skin. I've never tried out an exfoliating mask before, so I also thought this would be a good opportunity to explore some new skincare territory.

Aha Mask (alpha hydroxy acid face mask)
I've used this mask twice now and I am really happy I decided to try it! It has a very light mint scent and has a gel consistency. It has a slight tingle when you first apply it, but the tingling sensation fades quickly. I have fairly sensitive skin and this mask did not irritate. The first time I tried it I left the mask on for the minimum recommended time, which is 10 minutes. I did this as a precaution in case my skin reacted, which it didn't. The second time I used it I left the mask on overnight while I slept and removed it in the morning. My skin again was not irritated and was left glowing and smooth. Below is a description of the mask from the website:

"A tingling peppermint infused mask to loosen and lift dead, tired skin cells to reveal a glow. Contains alpha hydroxy acid, a natural exfoliator, from apples and grapes. Also contains plant extracts and sea kelp algae to hydrate and leave skin smooth and soft. Great for skin that reacts to scrubs."

Hydradew Mask (natural moisturizing face mask)
I'm also enjoying using this hydrating mask. This one has a light fruity scent. As with the Aha mask, the first time I used the Hydradew Mask I left it on for about 10 minutes then rinsed it off. My skin did not have any adverse reactions, so I decided to try the over night method. I haven't been using this mask long enough to notice any major differences, but my skin does feel pretty smooth and hydrated after using this mask. I've been using it a couple times a week over night.  Below is the description from the website.

 "…Chock full of oil free hydrating ingredients. Glycosaminoglycanes (from vegetable skins) hydrate between skin cells to replace the moisture barrier and are 10 times more hydrating than aloe vera. Sea kelp algae and plant extracts soothe and plump the skin."

If you have a Skoah spa near you I definitely recommend checking it out!


  1. Looks like such an interesting brand! Both of the masks sound fab :)