Details | Floral Necklace

posted on: Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I thought I would just stop in with a quick post. I needed a break from homework, and haven't posted anything outfit related for a while so here is a photo of my current favourite necklace. I just love how it looks with a casual t-shirt or t-shirt dress. I go back and forth between liking delicate jewellery and statement pieces. 

What types of jewellery are you liking right now?

xo Ashley

Outfit Details
Forever 21 necklace
Joe Fresh dress* (similar)
American Eagle jean jacket



  1. I love the look and idea of statement necklaces especially with more casual attire, but when it comes down to it I always go for more delicate pieces. Hey, I'm a sucker for comfort! xx

  2. That is a beautiful necklace, I too go back and forth, i love the idea of statement pieces but i always end up with wearing my delicate chains.

    Courtney xx

  3. Wow, that necklace is beautiful!! I'm really into fun statement necklaces, like this one, but I really love layering different necklaces that are all sorts of lengths.

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  4. So glad you blogged about this! I've eyed this necklace in a few of your posts and was wondering about it. How great that it's from Forever 21. I've bought a few necklaces from there- super affordable and always fun :)


  5. This necklace is so pretty! I love statement jewelry. x