NYX | Butter Glosses

posted on: Monday, May 19, 2014

I've had these two NYX Butter Glosses for some time now, so I thought I should write a post and share what I thought. It's definitely been hard to resist buying up all of these glosses! I keep hearing great reviews and everyone has a different favourite colour. The two shades that I own are Strawberry Parfait and Maple Blondie.
I first saw these at my local grocery store and luckily they were on sale so I picked up Strawberry Parfait. There weren't many reviews out when I picked it up, but the one thing that I had read was that these glosses were very pigmented and opaque. I was pretty surprised when I put on Strawberry Parfait and it was fairly sheer. A couple weeks later there was another sale on these glosses so I grabbed Maple Blondie. This time I was surprised at how opaque this gloss was. So from my experience with these two glosses I'm guessing there is a range in how sheer and opaque the rest of the glosses are. NYX does describe them as "sheer to medium" coverage. These glosses feel sticky when you swatch them on your hand, but they don't seem to feel sticky on the lips. The scent of these glosses is unreal. They smell sweet and sugary and I love it! I also love the buttery, creamy, smooth texture of these glosses.

Have you tried NYX Butter Glosses?


  1. Lovely colors! I've only tried one color, peaches and cream, and I like it! Trying to stay strong on getting more, lol.

    Blushing Biddies

  2. These glosses look gorgeous, I'm so tempted to order a couple online.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  3. Have heard great things about these- glad you're loving them too! Both of the shades you chose are super pretty :)



  4. I'm mildly curious about these but haven't yet wanted to pick up any yet. If they vary in intensity so much by shade, it seems that I need to do my research before heading to a store! I wish that purply shade (the bottom swatch) was more opaque.

  5. I'll still yet to try these but have only heard good things! Can you get them at Shoppers?

    1. Hey Brittany! They are not at Shoppers but they are at London Drugs and Rexal. I've also seen them at grocery stores that have a makeup section. Target also has a NYX section but I haven't seen the butter glosses at Target.

  6. I haven't tried the butter gloss, but I tried the soft matte one and loved it! Thanks for the review.


  7. You're welcome. I haven't tried the soft matte ones yet. I'll have to check them out next :)