Running Essentials

posted on: Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I little while ago I did a blog post about my first 10 km run and some of the running gear on my wishlist.  Since I've been totally obsessed with running lately, I thought I would show you some of my running essentials right now. 

My brother has been running with me and he persuaded me to switch over to a barefoot running style. It's supposed to be a more natural way of running, and so far I'm loving it and I'm loving my Vibram FiveFinger runners! The weather has been scorching hot lately, so I picked up the lululemon speed shorts to run in. They have no seams, so they are pretty comfy. Running with the iPod nano has been great because you can track your distance, pace, and time with the Nike+ app. I only bought the fuel belt over the weekend, so I haven't had a chance to try it out yet. I bought it anticipating I would need it on longer run, since we are slowly increasing our distance each week working up to a half-marathon in October.  I really love my lululemon swifty tech top. It has mesh venting, and is very light weight. I usually wear it for early morning or evening runs. Lastly are my sunnies. These Ryder sunglasses are a a "hybrid" of a sport and casual style. The best part is that they have grips on the nose, so they stay put while running. 

1. Vibram FiveFinger Komodo Sport
2. Ryder Empress Sunglasses
3. Lululemon Speed Shorts *Nakedseam
4. Fuel Belt R20 Revenge in Arctic Blue
5. iPod nano with Nike+ app
6. Lululemon Swiftly Tech 1/2 Zip


  1. I love anything lulu! such great quality and actually cute to run in!

  2. This is cute :)

    Georgi at 7wondersblog xx

  3. I've been thinking about switching to those shoes too but I just can't seem to get over the "look" that they look like they cannot protect my feet!


    I could be wrong!

    Great post hun!
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  4. Oooo you didn't mention a half marathon at dinner! How exciting!

  5. Lululemon is the best for working out, have to agree with those picks for sure! Have to give you props for working towards a half, that is something I'd like to do too eventually!

  6. I've seen a couple of people wear those vibram shoes around Vancouver and no matter what colour they are I always do a double take thinking they're barefoot! Nevertheless, they're pretty awesome!