New Hair

posted on: Friday, February 11, 2011

Today I got my hair done for the upcoming wedding, and I am so in love! My hair dresser put a ridiculous number of highlights in, resulting in this lovely "Ash Blonde" colour. It looks a little (maybe even a lot...) lighter in this photo than it actually is in real life.

Anyways, I've been having the most klutzy/forgetful week of my entire life. I left the lights on in my car resulting in a dead battery, I bumped into the blueberries at the grocery store - blueberries were everywhere! I left my phone and swipe card at home when I was going into work early, so I had to wait for someone  to come and let me in, AND I lost my debit card. My goodness. Even with all the mayhem, I had a wonderful week. S and I hosted a Valentine's Day waffle breakfast at work yesterday and it was a smash hit! We got to work extra early and made pink waffles with pink whipped cream, strawberries, blueberries, and cinnamon. It was the perfect start to the day before a long weekend. <3


  1. Your hair looks dead sexy chickie!!! It was great to see you this week and I'm super pumped for PARK :)


  2. ashley, it looks great girl! love the way the sun has lit it up. no wonder you're stoked, it's always nerve wracking for me whenever i go to the hairdresser. so happy, you're happy!

    ug, brain stumble/klutzy weeks suck total. why does it always seem to come on that strong?! one time i actually knocked over a whole ketchup (glass bottle) display. my friends were mortified. two left feet i tell ya!

    hope the weekend gets better and full of fun times lades...stealing the pink waffle idea! so good. thanks for the insp. ♥

  3. Gorgeous hair Ashley, so close to the special day, and looking gorgeous, and i love waffles for a good weekend start!!!!!!!

  4. LOVE the hair!! Your waffle breakfast sounds so yummy, I wish I had co-workers that did that hehe.

  5. oh ash! u look great! i am loving that color on you!!!! i am so excited for you and your wedding! it'll work out fine, for sure!!!! see u soon lovey x

  6. Your hair looks amazing! Love the edgy, piecey feel and the color is divine! I adore these type of visits to the is like your hairdresser "knocking it out of the park"...a real home run :)

  7. Your hair looks amazing. Sounds like you've had a challenging week so I'm pleased to hear you're still smiling.

  8. The hair looks lovely, I love the cut! I could go for some pink waffles right now!