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posted on: Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 
These photos are from Saturday. Not the most romantic outfit, but at least I'm wearing red for my Valentine's Day post, right? Friday and Saturday were spend running errands for the wedding. No surprise there. Six days left until we leave. I am so excited that I can't sleep at all. 
JP and I decided to go out for our Valentine's dinner on Sunday night. We just went to a Moxie's near us that had been recently renovated. It was so nice and quiet. We never get dessert when we go for dinner, so we thought we would treat ourselves to the white chocolate brownie. When we got it it was cut into the shape of a heart. So cute!
Because we did the Valentine's Day thing on Sunday, I wasn't expecting anything today. JP and I are usually not very good at celebrating holidays. I came home to dinner cooking, a heart shaped box of chocolates and apples pie! I was ridiculously excited. I love little surprises. I bought JP a beer mug that said "You Rock My World". 
I really have no idea what I was so excited over in the photo. lol

Earlier today I received an email from my aunt saying that she noticed I finally register at the Bay for wedding presents. I was really confused because I didn't do a gift registry. A couple hours later I got an email from the Bay updating me on my registry list! I went to look at the list and it was chock full of the most expensive kitchen supplies/appliances available! There was even a DISHWASHER on the list. I was baffled. I ended up calling the Bay to cancel the registry. I'm still wondering how it all happened.
(flannel shirt - TNA, t-shrit - French Connection, jeans - Jessica Simpson,
moccasin boots - Chinese Laundry, sunglasses - DKNY)


  1. Happy (belated) Valentine's Day! Sounds like you guys celebrated your love perfectly. Frank and I aren't very good at celebrating holidys either(except for Christmas) and I didn't expect anything but he brought me home roses, made me a hadmade card and put on a pink button down shirt haha. We just made dinner and hung out at home...simple and sweet! For me, that's all I need/want! I can't believe you leave in 6 days! Omg I'm so excited for you, I wouldn't be able to sleep AT ALL!

  2. You look so cute and I love the mug idea for V-Day :) I hope you have an amazing time in Cabo and congrats in advance on the nuptuals!


  3. awe, heart shaped dessert goodness! yah, after you wrote to me about the heart shaped pizza my mouth was watering, we almost had that last night but ended up hanging with friends instead to enjoy their cooking.

    so happy your night was such fun!!! and then bonus night from your stellar JP, how cool is he?!

    weirdness about the registry, a dishwasher of all random. you are adorable in those photos doll! happy week wishes, i know it'll be a busy one with prep and all but keep some quiet relaxes in there too for sanity. xo ♥

    pea ess: thanks so very much for your comment about my guest post, hugely appreciated!

  4. aww, sounds like a perfect Valentines day! And I love your laid back outfit ...super cute. Congrats on your big day too, can't wait to see some bloggy pictures. xx veronika

  5. I live for flannel and winter. Little problem about that? I live in a tropical island haha so, I love love love winter blog posts! I'm loving your outfit (AND BLOG!!) Just came over when I saw your link on the INDIE conference post. <3


  6. This is really random about the gift registry? Weird. I love that you got JP a mug. I got curt a glass that says Think Big and a girl with the hugest boobs...arnt I romantic ;) haha