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posted on: Friday, August 20, 2010

Sparklz and I dashed to TD Square mall on our lunch break at work yesterday. We actually went two days in a row. We were really excited to look at the new arrivals in Aritzia, but both of us are on a budget right now because of our upcoming weddings so we didn't end up buying anything the first day. The leopard sweater that I wanted was already out of my size, and I didn't see the Wilfred jacket, but I ended up buying a jacket that was pretty similar yesterday. I am having mixed feelings about the wool jacket. I am soooo excited to wear it, but I don't want the weather to change just yet. Last year the first snow fall was in October!! 
(skirt - American Apparel, top - Jacob, tights - Joe Fresh Style)


  1. Ack! I was gonna go tomorrow to find the animal print sweater! Oh no, no more sizes!

    I can't wait to see what's in that Aritzia bag!

  2. I know! I was checking the Aritzia blog and they featured that look on the blog so I bet everyone wants that sweater now. :( nooooo. I still want it. lol

    I can't wait to wear what's in the Aritzia bag! :)

  3. I have the exact feelings about fall. Let's just hope it's a long, warm one this year.

  4. Super chic... I love those american apparal skirts. I really need to pick one up I think.

    - Patricia