Bird Cages

posted on: Thursday, August 5, 2010

I"m getting so excited for my wedding now! Things are starting to finally come together. I'm wedding dress shopping tonight and hopefully I will find my dress. I have a good feeling.

I am totally and completely obsessed with cage veils. I love how they change the entire look of the bride. They create more of a classic/vintage feeling, but somehow it also feels more modern.

Simple Ivory Birdcage Veil
White Feather Birdcage
Etsy - Batcakes
White Silk Roses and Cage Veil


  1. That's so exciting things are working out! I love caged veils too. Do we get to see photos of your dress once you've decided or do we have to wait until the wedding?

  2. I just realised that if JP isn't seeing the dress until the day, you probably won't be posting pics of it eh?!? Aw. I'm way too excited for it...

  3. Ophi is right. I don't want JP to find out what my dress look like until the day of so everyone will have to wait! I'm so excited. :)

  4. Oohhh, I love the drama of those veils!! Gorgeous!

  5. Hey girl! I know this is an older post but my bff just got married on the 7th and she had a birdcage veil and it was stunning!! I'd say go for it! One day I will have one too!! :)