Sisters Picnic

posted on: Thursday, August 13, 2015

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Last week my sister and I had a mini picnic on my front porch. We made strawberry lemonade (recipes here), ate macaroons and fresh fruit, and coloured in our colouring books. It was fun to do something a little different than our usual sister get togethers. Typically on Friday evenings we go to a yoga class, grab pizza, and maybe paint. We had a few other things planned for the day, but we ended up getting caught up in colouring. Is everyone else as obsessed with adult colouring books as I am? I find it so calming and relaxing to just sit and colour, and it's nice that it is something that my sister and I both enjoy doing. It's definitely something that I missed doing from my childhood. Chapters has so many cute colouring books right now. I want to collect them all!

xo Ashley


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