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posted on: Thursday, July 16, 2015

CBV_5141 CBV_5125 CBV_5111 CBV_5104 CBV_5108 CBV_5120 In my last post I wrote about the first Caryl Baker Visage opening in Western Canada at Sunridge Mall in Calgary. Well, I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek of the services and products before the grand opening happening today! The store has a beautiful atmosphere and a modern design, the staff were knowledgeable, and the customer service was outstanding. 

I was able to test out the HD Brow Design, and am so happy with the results! My brows were tinted a little darker, which I think has made a huge difference. My brows are naturally blonde, so if I want them to stand out at all I need to fill them in. Now with the brow tint my brows are going to be a lot less maintenance. This is something that I am definitely going to keep up! My brows were also waxed to clean them up, but the natural shape wasn't changed. The brow service aims to customize a brow look suited to you, and your Face Expert will work with you to come up with a shape that enhances your eyes and works with your bone structure and facial features. 

The other service that I was able to observe was the Extreme Lash eyelash extensions application. What's great about the eyelash extensions at Caryl Baker is they use medical grade adhesive and apply the lashes to the side of the natural lash to avoid weighing down your lashes. One thing that was conveyed over and over is that health and wellness matters to Caryl Baker Visage, and this could be seen in their hygienic standards in both the brow design and the lash extensions. 

So there is a look into my first Caryl Baker Visage experience! If you are in Calgary I definitely recommend stopping by the store and checking it out. I was also lucky to receive a few of their skincare and makeup products to test out so watch out for a review coming up in the near future. 

xo Ashley

(P.S. Click HERE to check out my last post for details on the grand opening)


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