Shift A Shade With Clairol

posted on: Tuesday, November 4, 2014

LLL.shiftashade_1893 LLL.shiftashade_1961 IMG_1894 LLLshiftashade_1919 IMG_1850 Ashley_Pettigrew-Before

As promised, here are some more photos from the Clairol Shift A Shade event that I attended in Toronto a couple weeks back. As I mentioned in my Instagram post, Hair On The Avenue was the cutest hair salon ever, so I had to snap a couple photos of the space. 

The first step in shifting my hair colour a shade was to have a consultation with Louis Pacheco. He decided that we would go for the true meaning of shifting a shade and do a what he called a "flash colour". He later described it as taking my hair from summer to fall. It's hard to tell in the after photo but the subtle transition was a brighter and shinier version of my natural hair colour.  I felt the description of taking my colour from summer to fall was pretty accurate. 

After having my hair coloured, my hair was styled by Chris. Louis and Chris decided on giving my hair style a 70's Charlie's Angles vibe. Chris started with a small barrel curling iron making small tight curls that later relaxed into bigger waves. Because my hair is naturally very very straight the smaller curls helped keep my hair curled for the whole day. Usually I find when I curl my hair most of the curl is gone within hours, so it was nice to have the advice of using a smaller barrel curling iron. 

The final step was a make-up touch up with CoverGirl and finally the after photo. The whole team at Hair on the Avenue was absolutely amazing and I loved the whole experience at the salon. Thank you to Ashley and Jenn for organizing the day and giving me the opportunity to Shift a Shade!


  1. Fab round up of the event :) I love how the curls in the second picture - so effortlessly glamorous!

  2. Very pretty! The new shade is ultra natural and I love the curls :)

  3. I loved your look even more when the curls started to loosen up, so pretty!