Almay | Gentle Eye Makeup Removers

posted on: Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A little while ago Almay sent me a couple of their new eye makeup removes to try out. I have very sensitive skin and Almay is known for their hypoallergenic and fragrance-free products, so I decided to give these eye makeup removers a go. 

I don't typically use makeup removing pads or wipes, but I think these a great idea for travel. I like the idea that they have a dual purpose as they are also soothing and de-puffing. They are also hypoallergentic, which is pretty much a necessity for me. I definitely think the soothing element is more useful then the de-puffing though because my eyes aren't usually puffy in the evening when I remove my makeup. The one thing that I did not like about these makeup remover pads was the strong scent. They are supposed to be unscented but they definitely had a distinct smell to them. I prefer makeup removers and face cleansers to have a mild scent or no scent at all. Even though there was a strong scent they were gentle and did not irritate my sensitive skin. They did a great job at removing my everyday eye makeup and I only needed one remover pad per eye. Overall I think these are great if you are in a pinch or travelling because of the connivence and efficiency, but I wouldn't choose to use these everyday.

Out of the two products I liked this eye makeup remover best. It was unscented and worked well. The formula is activated when it is shaken up and mixed together and it is supposed leave skin moisturized. I poured the remover onto a cotton pad and held it over my eyes for a few seconds before swiping my eye makeup off. I can't attest to their claim that it removes waterproof makeup because I don't use waterproof mascara formulas, but it did remove my millions of coats of mascara and my longwear cream eyeshadow. As with the remover pads, it didn't irritate my sensitive skin. 


  1. I have super sensitive skin as well, I'm always looking for products that don't make it react badly. But I admit, for washing and also to remove make-up I prefer to use simple oatmeal and water. Sounds a little crazy but it works so well.

    1. I want to hear more about this oatmeal and water concoction. I have never heard of this!