Autumn Chill

posted on: Friday, November 8, 2013

I'm sitting at home procrastinating going for a run and working on homework. I have been drinking my coffee as slowly as possible and savouring the morning. I don't want to start my homework yet because if I get in a writing mood I will definitely bail on my run. My exercise goal for this fall/winter was to run outdoors as often as I can, but I'm having a hard time actually sticking to this goal. It's already snowed here and it's making me want to just sit indoor everyday.  To give me some more motivation, yesterday I checked out a running path close to my house that I haven't been on before. I definitely want to test it out. Well, enough procrastinating for today. I'm off for my run. 

Outfit Details
Talula Trooper Jacket via Aritzia (similar)
studded sweatshirt ℅ Joe Fresh
Joe Fresh ankle boots
Gap coated denim (gift from Karolina's Style)
Willow Earrings ℅ Adorie

Photos by my little sister


  1. Loving these fall photos, that jacket is such a great autumn piece. I have such a hard time running outdoors when it's cold, I've already switched back to the track at my gym

  2. You are such a beauty my friend! I totally know what you mean with not having motivation! But guess what? I'll be in Calgary soon and we can motivate each other! hahaha <3

  3. Love the sweatshirt!

    I hear you on not feeling like running outside when it's so cold, but ultimately so worth it!

    1. I forced myself to do it yesterday and today and it felt so good! I just had to get over my feet being cold for the first 10 minutes. haha

  4. What color is your Aritzia Talula Trooper Jacket in? Surplus or dark olive? Thanks!