Memories of Fall

posted on: Monday, December 12, 2011

I guess I should post these photos before it gets too far into winter weather. We are officially now in a winter wonderland in Calgary. Usually I dread the winter months, but this year something feels a little different. Although I am missing the warmer weather, I actually don't mind the snow so far this year. I'm looking forward to the outdoor rink near mine and JP's house freezing over so we can ice-skate with hot chocolate! 

Outfit Details
Forever 21 faux leather vest (similar)
American Eagle jean jacket (similar)
Romwe top via Karolina
Wilfred silk shorts 
Joe Fresh tights
Steve Madden Troopa boots


  1. Oh you are so cute my dear! I have the same vest as you! I wear it so much!
    <3 Kastles

  2. This is so cute, Ashley! I love all your layers, and your tights are lovely! Those photos are beautiful, I wish it were still fall... *sigh*

  3. You're lookin' pretty darn cute Miss Ashley!! And the setting with the leaves is gorge! I want to run and play in them! So pretty all around! xx Natalie

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  5. love the color of your leggings ;D

  6. I'm loving all the layers! We are finally heading into winter here too, it has been freakishly warm for December but I didn't mind! No snow so far though. Ice skating and hot chocolate sounds so romantic. :)

  7. You look so great! Love the boots. Want!

    Jenny @shopVPV

  8. I can't even wait to get back to Calgary to enjoy the snow... Although I'm sure that once I'm there it's going to get old pretty fast (the cold at least). I love this outfit. So chic!

  9. great tights! love your fall wardrobing!

  10. Aw, yay - hello beautiful fall!! I'm loving these gorgeous photos, & your outfit is so cute for a mid afternoon stroll! And how fun that you're having a lovely winter wonderland - hot chocolate & ice skating sound so magical. xo veronika

  11. Amazing photos (and what a fun location!)..

    In <3 with the color of your tights, definitely gave me an idea how to style mine!


  12. oh i've always wanted to skate on an outdoor rink, you've got to take pics when you go. i'd love to see them! these ones are wonderful, you are so darn cute playing in the crispy leaves. many warm wishes for a season filled with every possible joy. xo ♥