Holiday Spirit

posted on: Friday, December 9, 2011

About a week ago the lovely Rebecca of Lot 65 featured me in a post with a few other amazing Canadian bloggers. I had actually been thinking of doing a similar feature, so her post presented me with a great opportunity to carry it forward and feature a few more Canadian blogs that I know you all will love!

First up is Vickie from Adventures in Fashion. She has a closet of clothes that I'm envious of, she makes cool stop motion videos, and seems like one of the sweetest people ever! She is also from Alberta, so it's great to have someone to look to for "same weather condition" inspiration!

If you haven't checked out Kassandra's blog, Kastles, you are missing out! She is a Joe Fresh fan like myself, and she was recently featured in Fashion Magazine! Her style is sweet, yet she often throws in an edgy twist. Like Vickie she is also from Alberta, which I absolutely love!

Lynn (Hearted Girl) - Definitely one of the most sincere people in the blogosphere. Not only does she come across as an amazing person, she is super fashionable, and a graphic design genius! Her blog is always full of inspirational ideas and images. She also works with Ekhart Tolle!!!! I'm so jealous. 

I only recently discovered Alicia's blog, Alicafashionista, but once I discovered it I couldn't stop reading! Her writing style invites you in and makes you feel like you are good friends. She's easily relatable, has a unique sense of style, and beautiful photos. 

Hope you guts enjoyed the feature! The guru of Canadian blog lists is Natalie Brooke, so if you would like to explore more Canadian blogs click HERE!!


  1. Oh Canada!! I love finding more Canadian bloggers, already know and love Vickie and Cassie I'm excited to check these other stylish ladies out

  2. WOW thank you so much, Ashley! I'm so honoured to be mentioned with these amazing bloggerinas. Hope you have a wonderful weekend :) xo

  3. really really really beautiful outfits :D

  4. Fabulous picks! They all use colours and patterns so well - great source for inspiration.

    Style Lounge

  5. Oh my goodness girl, thanks for the sweet mention - I'm a guru, yay!! Thanks a bunch for linking! xxo Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

  6. Everyone has glorious hair!

    Perfectly cropped + thick tresses..

    plus I'm biased because I'm a Canadian Brunette too ;)

  7. Great post and a great selection of fabulous Canadian bloggers!

  8. I love that you've shared this post idea too and introduced some amazing Canadian bloggers! I already followed Alicia but am super excited to check out everyone else's blog!

  9. ohmygosh Ashley, am i ever honored and stunned. you are pure sweetness, i kinda gushed over what you wrote and really feel so melting in a pool of blog-reading love right now. thank you very much for the inclusion with these other ladies. i adore Alicia a ton but haven't met the other girls before. Natalie sure has compiled a stellar list of us Canadians, she's a real gem for arranging it all like she did. thanks for the intro here today too, you're the best! xo ♥