Day in the Park

posted on: Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I had such an amazing weekend! Lately I've been missing all of JP's shows because I've been so busy with fashion related events happening in Calgary. Finally on Saturday I was able to watch him play. I alway love watching him drum. Then on Sunday I hit up the "Take Off Your Clothes" charity clothes swap with KD and some friends. We all left with amazing items. My friend Hayley had the idea to have a styling party, so later Sunday evening Hayley, Mel, Sarah and Mackenzie stopped by my place. We nibbled on strawberry shortcake, sipped wine and gave each other some styling advice for our new swapped items.
Monday I attended a clinical awareness seminar. The focus was on sex addiction, but the speaker, Patrick Carnes, touched on all forms of addiction. I took away so much from the seminar. Here are a few take-aways that stuck with me:
  • Addiction increases with availability 
  • Good therapy happens when you find the holes/contradictions in a story
  • As a therapist you help to transform suffering into meaning
  • It takes a system to intervene in a system
sweater - Wilfred, vest & skirt - borrowed from KD, shoes - Steve Madden via Town Shoes, purse - Town Shoes,
necklace & bracelet - Anne B. Accessories

photos by KD


  1. This was such an amazing day! I want more swapping photo shoots :)

  2. Nice photos. I like the spring feel. Your outfit choice matches well with the whole atmosphere.

  3. I love this outfit, the leopard top with the long black maxi skirt is really nice. I love the idea of sitting around with girlfriends swapping clothes and tips and eating! Yum.
    Also that seminar sounds really quite interesting!!

  4. Love your maxi skirt it looks great on you! The shoes are pretty awesome as well. :) x

  5. Cute sweater and I am jealous that you had so much fun with the clothing swap and styling party all in one day.

  6. That is a gorgeous place to take outfit pictures! I can see why it's your favorite! You rock that outfit!

  7. Beautiful photos, you look great! I like the effect with the dark edges too, makes them look kind of dreamy..

  8. This maxi skirt look fab on you, I love the leopard print top with it too. Great outfit and great post xoxo

  9. It's the first time I visit your blog &. I think it's amazing. Your header is so so lovely!

    Maybe we can follow eachother?

    + I give away a jumpsuit on my blog.

    Hugs &. Kisses, Valerie