Alberta Fashion Week - Media Reception

posted on: Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This week in Calgary is Alberta Fashion Week. The weeks events launched last night with a media reception held at the Nat Christie Centre, home of the Alberta Ballet, and where the fashion shows will be held. KD and I arrived at the media launch together and were greeted with a Blueberry Cosmo poured through an ice sculpture.  We were then invited to access a back room where a couple of the designers were preparing a sneak peek for later in the evening. 
Media in attendance were granted an exclusive sneak preview of some of the designs by Apt. 22, D.W, Mealan Boutique, and Anne B. Accessories that will be presented later this week. As well, as I posted earlier in the month, Sophia Models along with Live Cosmo and Alberta Fashion Week launched a AFW runway search. The Winner of the search, Karolina S. was announced during the media reception. It was also announced that Karolina will be walking the runway during fashion week for Crabapple Clothing. 
Announcement of the Sophia Models runway search, Karolina S.
KD of The Girl With the Messy Hair
left: Apt. 22
Right: Mealan Boutique
D.W Fashion
I had the chance to chat a little with Anne B. of Anne B. Accessories and Daryl White of D.W Fashions. Anne's jewellery is exquisite and made from all natural materials from the Philippines. She uses materials like wood, shell, and bone to create her lovely pieces of work. Daryl's is self taught, and his designs are environmentally conscious. All Daryl's garments are made from recycled materials. The yellow vest he showcased in the sneak peek was created from a pillowcase, and the shredded dress from a t-shirt. 
Second from left: Anne B. of Anne B. Accessories
Jewellery by Anne B. Accessories
Kimberley Stern, Bronwyn McDonald, Kim Flanagan
I'm looking forward to seeing more from these designers, and from the ones I've yet to see. To find out more about the events throughout the week click here, and to find out more about the designers click here.


  1. amazing post, ash! :) cant wait to see you again tomorrow!

  2. I hear you guys got some sweet gift bags :)

  3. Aw looks like so much fun! I'm sad I missed it!!

  4. See you this week. Great shots!