Seven Confessions

posted on: Sunday, October 17, 2010

I've been tagged by Monica of  Fressia to confess seven secrets. Because this is a style blog I will keep with the trend of spilling some style/fashion confessions.

Monica is amazingly beautiful and stylish, and I've been following her on Chictopia since I joined a few months back. Thanks for the tag Monica!

I rarely ever do these kinds of things when I get them on facebook or through email, but I thought why not this time. I can never think of anything to say! Hope my answers are decent. 
  1. My first confession - I try to only buy things that I really love. I read and follow what is trendy, but I won't buy some thing because it is "in". I have to feel comfortable and confident in what I'm wearing.
  2. I started wearing high heels in grade 6 to get out of gym class. haha. I made a pack with some friends to wear a skirt and heels for a month straight. I really hated track and field. 
  3. When I was living in Lethbridge finishing my last two years of University I pretty much lived in my skinny jeans, cardigans, scarves and boots. I don't think I wore a dress or skirt unless I was going to a wedding. 
  4. I went through a MAJOR style rut when i was a lifeguard. I seriously rolled out of bed at 4am, put on sweats, changed in to a bathing suit, guard shirt and shorts when I got to work, then went back into my sweats when my shift was over.  I would always joke that someone was going to call "What Not to Wear" on me. 
  5. I used to hate flats but now I love them. 
  6. My favourite type of footwear is boots! 
  7. I confess. I love hoodies. I have tons of them. 
Now to tag some stylish bloggers to confess some of their secrets! I'm going to tag seven bloggers because I confessed seven secrets. <3


  1. I love your facts. I hate flats now but I am trying to learn to love them!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. Aw, fun! I will have to give this some thought!

  3. How fun - thanks for tagging us! ;o)

    Your confessions are great. #1 I should really live by as well. #2 made me LOL!!! #5 I have to admit describes me too - hated flats but live in them now. #6 I'm totally with you on that one too!

    Now to think of my own...

  4. This secret are great!!! love number two!!!!!!And wow my respects to you for being a lifeguard that's amazing!!!!!!


  5. thats because boots are the best! how can you not love them!! i always enjoy reading posts like this :) xx

  6. haha number 2 made me chuckle and i used to and still do hate wearing flats :) x

  7. very cute blog, and i love the gray mary janes!



  8. I LOVE that you wore heels to get out of gym, how smart!

  9. I really enjoy reading your psots! so adorable!

  10. Ahaha... wearing heels to skip gym. Sneaky...

  11. I'm tagged, I'm tagged! Thank you!

    Though I didn't wear heels to avoid gym class, I hated it! I hate track and field too and thought I was going to die, each time!

    Funny enough, now, I teach at the gym! Funny life!


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