posted on: Thursday, October 14, 2010

Currently I am sitting in my hockey jersey with JP and some friends watching the Calgary Flames game. Well, they're watching the game, and I'm blogging. 

These photos were taken on Sunday with Ashley of Opheliac. We decided to do a quick walk along the ridge and catch up before we met up back at my place with the guys to watch the hockey game. During the fall/winter months my life pretty much revolves around sports. Sunday morning football breakfast, Monday night football, and then hockey hockey hockey every other night of the week. lol. It's working out nicely this year b/c JP can watch all the sports he wants now that I have blogging to occupy myself. 

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. I am so excited because one of my friends decided to have a spur of the moment wedding! They decided over the weekend and are having a small backyard ceremony and pot-luck reception Friday. I'm taking a half day at work so I can leave for the wedding. This has been such a short work week. too bad every week couldn't start on a Tuesday and end on a Friday at noon. 
skirt - AA, t-shirt and jacket - American Eagle,
belt - Rewind Consignment, cardigan - Joe Fresh, shoes - Aldo

Photos by Opheliac
Ashley of Opheliac
I love this girl!!
I had to post this photo. I think Ashley captured the most hilarious expression on my face. lol. 


  1. A fellow Canadian! I love it!

    Your photos are gorgeous, I love all your vintage jewelry. Such a pretty post! xx

  2. Last photo - yes! It IS a hilarious expression!
    Second last photo - thank you for FINALLY somehow catching me in a much more glamorous mid-word!

    Fall lovely. I think we posted this shoot at the same time. Heh.

  3. still rocking the sandals in october!! Love it!


  4. I love your rings!!! So pretty. And that skirt is awesome - always surprises me when I see that such amazing things are from AA. Have to drop by there soon.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  5. Loving that belt!

    And a spontaneous wedding?!? How fun!

    Curls and Pearls

  6. I adore that skirt and all your jewelry! What an enchanting post.

    Your blog is simply spiffing! Glad I found it. You can bet Imma follow ;D

  7. I sooo love your jewelries.. I adore your last photo. soooo cute!!!!


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  8. Love your shoes. SO SWEET!


  9. Wow, these photos are really nice! I especially love the one with all of your jewelry. Adorable outfit! xx

  10. aahh! so crazy1 i just ebayed myself a belt like yours in this!