Juicy Bamboo Natural Facial Cleansing Cloths

posted on: Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I go back and forth between using cleansing cloths and not using them, but since trying out the Juicy Bamboo Natural Facial Cleansing Cloths* I am hooked! These cloths smell amazing, and they make me feel like I am having a mini spa experience. They smell very sweet, like honey and oranges, which makes sense because they are soaked in liquified honey and citrus essential oils. They also contain vitamins B12, C and E. What I really love about these facial cleansing cloths is that they are 100% biodegradable (made from 100% bamboo), contain no alcohol, no synthetic fragrance, and are paraben and sulfate free. I also really love that these cloths do not irritate my sensitive skin. My skin feel refreshed, clean, and calm after using these cleansing cloths. 

The Juicy Bamboo facial cleansing cloths are a 3 in 1 product and work as a facial cleanser, toner, and eye makeup remover. Something that these facial cloths are said to be perfect for is use at the gym or after yoga classes. I am dying to get to a hot yoga class and test this out because I can just imagine how soothing and calming they would be following a yoga class. 

The Juicy Bamboo Natural Facial Cleansing Cloths are available at Holt Renfrew and online at kaianatural.com

Do you use facial cleansing cloths? Which ones are your favourites?

xo Ashley


  1. Sounds really nice and super practical to use when travelling.Not sure theu retail in Europe though.

  2. I'm not a wipe girl, but I have these and they are among the best I've tried! Love the scent :)

  3. These sound so good, I've never heard of them before, but I hope they do have it in the UK!