Joe Fresh Autumn Nail Polish

posted on: Wednesday, October 3, 2012

As you all know I love everything Joe Fresh, so when I was asked to try some of their fall beauty products, I was overjoyed. First up is the nail polish. Nail polish is always a fun way add some of the new season's colours to your outfit. I've always loved nail polish and have kept a pretty big collection since I was in Jr. High. Out of the Joe Fresh polishes, I'm especially loving Mulberry, a deep purple with subtle sparkles. I wore it all last week, and then switched over to wearing Terracotta over the weekend, which I am also loving. In the photos the Terracotta polish turned out a little red, but it has more brown and orange tones in it then red. Joe Fresh nail polish is such a steal because it $4 a bottle, goes on smoothly, the colour is rich,  it dries in good time, and I've found on myself it can last 3-4 days without chipping. I'm definitely not careful with my hands after applying nail polish, so 3-4 days is excellent for me. In the last photo I did one had with two coats of Terracotta and the other in one coat. I prefer two coats, but if I were in a hurry I think I could definitely get away with one coat.

Sea Blue | Tigerlily | Terracotta

Maple | Mulberry | Bronze
Mulberry | Sea Blue | Terracotta | Tigerlily | Maple | Bronze

left: two coats
right: one coat


  1. I love joe fresh nail polish!! I want to get that mulberry one, looks so pretty!

  2. I am a bit of a nail polish junkie, and a joe fresh one too for that matter. I have a few of their summer polishes, all of which I love - so I am super excited to try some of these fall colours! I esp. love the maple/mulberry/bronze trio.

  3. I love joe fresh polish! Thanks for this post, I think I'll run out and buy the mulberry one tonight. I love the subtle shine!