Capture the Spirit

posted on: Saturday, June 2, 2012

So last Sunday was the Calgary Marathon and I ran my first 10 km race. I'm feeling so pumped about running after the race, and I'm looking forward to continuing to run. My goal this time around was just to make it to the end. I didn't even care if I had to take several walking break, and wasn't worried about my time. With the energy of the other runners and my brother running by my side motivating me, we ended up only taking two short walking breaks at the water stations.  Running with thousand of other people is so motivating, especially watching the half-marathon and marathon runners zip past on their track. It makes me want to continue to train and get to that place someday. 

Unfortunately my brother and I didn't end up getting any photos of us, and only the top of my head showed up in the professional photos taken. Oh well. 

Below are some photos for a flickr photography contest from the race, "Capture The Spirit".  One of my favourite moments was running past the Lululemon employees cheering everyone on with their signs (second photo). My other favourite moment was when my brother saw that his water bottle had a major leak in it and traded off his water bottle for a cup at the water station. The look of confusion on the water station guys face was priceless. It sent me into a fit of hysterical laughter. 

And they're off! Words of Encouragement On the Boulevard

The other day I was looking into new runners and I started reading about the Nike Free running shoes and now I'm on a Nike kick. I'm also totally obsessed with the colour of the Nikes in the below collage! I also want to start using the Nike+ app to track my runs and see how that goes. Anyway, heres a little collage of some running gear on my current wish list (already checked off the nano, next up shoes!)



  1. Glad the run went well! Looks like you've caught the running bug. =)

  2. Those signs are hilarious! Ryan Gosling would be such a motivator haha

  3. Running is definitely addictive! I used to love it when my knees were 100%. Good job on your first 10k!!

  4. This sounds awesome! My dad is a crazy runner and I've always been envious of his skill and his dedication. Good job! And those sounds are amazing!

  5. those signs made me laugh! your wishlist proves it's possible to look stylish while working out/running at the same time! ;)

    daydream frenzy