A Good Hair Day

posted on: Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The wonderful people over at Misikko sent me the HANA hair dryer to check out and review, and let me tell you, it's pretty great. It literally dries my hair in under five minutes! My hair dries pretty fast normally but with the HANA It's dries so quick that I usually don't use it on it's highest setting because I don't get a chance to style my hair before it dries! I'm really happy with it. I'll admit, the price is pretty steep, but it beats my old hair dryer by a long shot. I meant to get this post out much sooner, but the whole wrist injury situation kind of made it impossible to blow dry my hair. I attempted it but I could only use one hand and my hair was quickly swirled into one giant knot. 

An unexpected surprise of the HANA hair dryer was the package that it came in. The package was filled with make-up brushes, an eye lash curler, shampoo, conditioner, and a little teddy bear. So cute!

I thought that because I was doing hair post, I might as well show some of the hair products that I'm currently using. I like to try out new products all the time so I have a bunch of different products in varying price ranges right now. I usually try products that will give my hair some oomph and more body because my hair is sooo fine. 
KMS quick blow dry | KMS volumizing spray | KMS hot flex spray | KMS dry touch up | Fat Hair thickening potion | Oscar Blandi dry shampoo | Redken anti-snap | Osis dust it | John Frieda frizz-ease heat serum


  1. I have a Hana flat iron which I love, so I can imagine the quality of the dryer. I seriously need a new one but I think that model is a little pricey, fabulous though it may be.

  2. I wish my hair would dry that quickly.

  3. I have really fine hair too. Is yours naturally straight? I don't like to straighten my hair because I feel as though it looks even thinner that way.

    I've actually tried samples of the first three KMS products and I'm hesitant to buy the full-sized versions because I don't know if they really do much. Do you find they help add good volume to your hair, even when straight?

  4. This post is cute! I don't believe in hair dryers. They scare me.

  5. haha..so funny that our posts were so similar...I even thought of including a picture of everything in the box, but that one didn't turn out!

    Natasha ~ TashaDelrae.com