posted on: Tuesday, November 1, 2011

dressed as a bunny with my brother the cat on Halloween when we were little 
This year I spent Halloween trick-or-treating with my little sister. The day started out with stopping by my sisters elementary school with my mom and dropping off some Halloween cupcakes and snacks for her school party. A little kindergardener ran up to me yelling "Hey, hey! Look at me! I'm a cutesy little avatar!" Little kids are so funny! 

Later in the evening I met back up with my mom, little sister and my sisters friend at my parents house. It was so nostalgic walking around where I grew up, stopping at all the houses I used to go to when I was little. After filling up the kids bags with tons of candy, we drove over to a haunted house in my parents community. It was a Pirates of the Caribbean themed haunted house, and was surprisingly build by a high school kid in grade 10! There was a big ship in the driveway and the garage was converted into a spooky maze. We walked/ran through with kids in costumes jumping out at every corner scaring us! There was another haunted house that we drove by and wanted to check out, but rumour around the elementary school was that there were ghouls with chainsaws in this haunted house, and we couldn't persuade the girls to go inside. Maybe next year. 

Lainey the Artist

left: trick-or-treat
right: Pirate Haunted House



  1. Wow! I wish I would have know about the Pirates house! Jack would have loved it! And that cat pumpkin (second up from the bottom right corner) is Ah-mazing!!!


  2. Your little sister is so cute, she looks just like you! Love her costume, is she a budding artist? That Pirates house sounds so neat - so cool that a highschool student built it. Looks like you guys had fun!! (: (love the pumpkins too, especially the cat one and the angry bird, hah!) Keep smiling!

  3. Aww cute post!xx

  4. Cute post!