posted on: Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Here is the second post in my mini road trip series. JP and I had an amazing time at Writing-On-Stone Provincial park. The views were spectacular, and it was so much fun to explore the hoodoos. We went on a short hike (it was over 40 degrees Celsius!!) and there were so many paths you could take, each one ending up with a even more beautiful view of the coulee. We also signed up for a tour of an archeological preserve where we got to see First Nations engravings in the sandstones, some that were done over 3000 years ago!
petroglyph of horses
cacti in Alberta!!
this petroglyph is thought to depict a ceremony and the round objects are shields


  1. love that photo of Justin doing yoga lol

  2. oh wow, this place looks amazing. beautiful photographs, too. that last one is so, so lovely.

  3. Amazing. The last picture is so beautiful.

  4. These photos are gorgeous! I wish I was there!

  5. What a seriously amazing place to visit! Wow. Your photos are gorgeous.