Straw Hats & Tall Grass

posted on: Sunday, August 14, 2011

Counting down the days until mine and JP's road trip. One week. 

Wednesday Live Cosmo hosted a blogger get together at their office. It was so great to meet some new bloggers as well as see some familiar faces. It was a casual get together with wine and cheese, and a good opportunity to just chat and get to know each other. I find that the Calgary fashion/art community is so supportive of bloggers. It's really so amazing, and it makes me appreciate my city so much more. 

Saturday Karolina of and I met up with Miranda and Corrine of Twenty Something Online at Broken City for Jumble Boogie, a local designer and vintage sale. I'll share photos of the Live Cosmo Blogger meet-up and Jumble Boogie Sale soon!  Until then here are some photos KD and I took before a shopping trip a couple weeks ago.
Outfit Details
American Eagle t-shirt
Talula pants via Aritzia
Aldo black heels
J. Crew belt
necklace and bracelets - gifts from friends
H&M ring
Straw hat borrowed from KD

Photos by KD


  1. I realllly love this!! Such a perfect look, those pants are seriously fabulous. And all the black accent pieces are really great. Love the necklace!
    Ohhh blogger meet ups are so fun. I really want to go to another one soon

  2. Such a cute summer outfit! I love the hat! I can't get enough of hats : )

  3. That blog meet-up sounds fun! Love those pants! They are awesome!

  4. You look too cute Ashley! Love those pants chickie!


  5. OK - LOVING this ourfit. So laid back and relaxed. So adorable! :)

    xo Lynzy

  6. So simple yet so breathtaking, I love these pictures! This outfit just screams summer and happiness!


  7. Love this outfit! Like Huckleberry Finn for a chic girl! xoxo, Angela

  8. <3 the group pic from the Live Cosmo blogger event! SO cute. See you at PARKLUXE!

  9. These are such adorable photos of you! I Love love love that hat.