Live Cosmo & Jumble Boogie

posted on: Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Live Cosmo Blogger Event

Last Wednesday I attended a blogger meet-up hosted by Live Cosmo. If you haven't heard of Live Cosmo yet, they are an amazing company with the goal of promoting local businesses with no charge. Live Cosmo = Living the Cosmopolitan lifestyle locally, and getting involved in all aspects of your community. Live Cosmo promotes anything that is local, cool and worth checking out, which includes a ton of fashion and art events. Their website has daily deals, daily giveaways and contests with huge prizes. Right now they are having an Ugly Fashion Photo Contest where you upload a photo of your worst outfit and get entered into a draw with the grand prize worth $1150!!!
Bloggers/Guests in Attendance
Ania (of Fashion Calgary)

Jumble Boogie

I attended Jumble Boogie on Saturday which included a vintage sale, local boutiques, local designers, music, food and drinks all on a roof top patio. The weather was gorgeous for and outdoor sale. I'm on a pretty tight budget right now so I didn't end up buying anything, but Corinne, Miranda and Karolina picked up some fabulous items!  I was so tempted to buy something from Anne B. Accessories, and Pout Clothing!
Jumble Boogie Outfit Details
Zara butterfly print dress 
Mat and Nat purse via Wanderlust via Live Cosmo contest!
Aldo sandals
watch via a kiosk on Stephen Avenue


  1. Both these events looks like a lot of fun! Meeting fellow bloggers is always so interesting and helpful.
    Having all the boutiques and such out on a roof patio sounds like a lot of fun! Love the dress you're wearing, perfect for this

  2. oh my Gosh! That's amazing... and thanks for sharing.... these events seem really interesting

  3. Wow what great events! You look GORGEOUS by the way, love seeing you in pink :)

  4. This seriously looks like so much fun! I love love love that purse!!

  5. The shoes alone would have pushed me to the edge of the cliff! The romper/little dress you wore was perfect for a warm day and looks great on you :) xo-C

  6. how fun! Your dress in the last picture is super cute!

  7. looks like an amazing event! love the snapshots. you are looking gorgeous as always girl! hope you have an awesome weekend girl!


  8. That is so cool! Thanks for sharing about Live Cosmo! I had never heard of it! That Ugly Fashion Photo Contest sounds interesting!

  9. great finds. love the way you captured the moment of vintage shopping.