Jealous Body Scrub

posted on: Monday, April 6, 2015

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So I am pretty much obsessed with this coffee and coconut scrub by Jealous Body Scrub. The smell of coffee is one of my favourites, so starting my day off with a coffee scrub is perfect in my eyes. The ingredients are all natural and include premium coffee, cold pressed coconut oil, raw brown sugar, sea salt, vitamin E and other minerals. Each of the ingredients has a purpose. The coffee is meant to stimulate blood flow, the sugar and salt to exfoliate, and the coconut oil, vitamins and minerals soften, hydrate and nourish the skin. I love how soft my skin feels after using this scrub! The scrub is a little abrasive, but I have tested it out on my face a couple of times and my sensitive skin has been fine. My makeup also applied so smooth and even on those days. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who loves body scrubs and loves coffee!

Have you tried a coffee scrub? What are your favourite body scrubs? 


  1. This sounds very similar to the Frankie Body Scrubs from Australia. Might have to give both a go to see which one comes out on top!

    Tweezers and Tongs

  2. Oh I have to try this. I've never tried a coffee scrub but I bet it's perfect for the morning shower :)

  3. I first thought it was just coffee even though I've read it as a scrub! I've never tried it before and it sounds brilliant! :)

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  4. I've never tried a coffee scrub, I fear I might end up eating it out of the bag or licking it out of my own body haha
    I make my own scrub out of coconut oil and coconut sugar :)

  5. I got this recently and really need to try it asap- love anything coffee scented :)

  6. I haven't tried a coffee scrub, but I use a coffee soap bar and love it!
    Caked To The Nines